The Lower Council (OOC / Storytellers)

The Lower Council (OOC / Storytellers)


I am very excited, already things are starting to come together nicely.

I want to thank you for volunteering to lead your Houses, without you guys this game would be much, much smaller (if it existed at all).

Your first order of business is to organize your Houses. Discuss with your House how to coordinate backgrounds and such to make your House's more cohesive.

Secondly, you are to police your own. Check out builds and try to get your minions on an even keel. Beware of ACs over 40, and saves above 30. Also, be alert for characters that seem to have too many immunities (a couple is fine, even expected). You want each member of your house to have some sort of vulnerability, as invulnerable PCs will be shot (and not replaced... at least not right away) when I get around to inspecting sheets. Damage out put can be very high, I'm ok with that... as long as there is some chance of them missing their targets. At this power level your minions will be facing creatures of their CR +6 or greater. Weaker creatures should be slaughtered fairly easily.

Thirdly, I would like to start a collective pool of encounters that we may all use. If somebody stats out an advanced / templated Displacer Beast (or whatever), please post it. The more resources we have that can be recycled the better.

Drow House Insignias: Each of you (even the Mercs) will design an insignia for your House. This is less of a magic item (as WotC made this iconic drow item) and more of a Focus for your drow innate magical ability. Each Insignia will have 3 charges and 3 SLAs linked to it. Choose a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st level spell, from any spell-list (subject to my approval). Use of an SLA requires a # of charges equal to the spell used. Levitate and Spider Climb are amongst the two most obvious choices. Fly is another. Be creative.

True Drow: The LA 2 Drow in your houses: Lose Darkness 1/day; Gain: Blacklight 1/day.

Wealth: You and your Minions receive 80% WBL. The other 20% is going to "pay" for the freebies I will be handing out. Such as the Insignias mentioned above.

Nobles should also get a free Greater Piwafwi, their stats are in the MiC if I remember correctly.

Also, maybe the Insignias should give the "Spider Queen's Blessing" feat along with +1 use per day of each SLA. I think that would be appropriate as it rewards those of use who took the Highborn Drow feat (which gives Levitate as an SLA, and the Improved Levitate Feat makes it so you can just do it for 1 round at a time and not use up the whole duration in one go)

I have Piwafwis (greater), Insignias, Scourge of Fangs (I need to make a list of everybody that applies for this), and drowcraft on up to three other items each. Such as armor and two weapons. I will get the exact list out to you guys soon. I need to take a day off from answering questions just to get something done. heh. And a drift-disk per Matron (not for you D, sorry mang).

D will probably get a fancy riding lizard.

What should we do about our House's strongholds? Can we just write up a description, or does it need to be more detailed with floor plans and the like? Will it be statted out, in case it is relevant due to an attack? I believe I have the stronghold builders guide around here somewhere...

If everybody (you five) have Stronghold Builder's Guide then I will allow it. I have it, and it has been a favorite 3e book of mine since it was released.

If not, perhaps a couple of you who have it would be willing to come up with some general guidelines for House Defense.

I do not expect any full blown House vs House wars to erupt anytime soon. Houses don't actually go to war all that often... the situation is more of an on going Cold War.

Well, it may not happen that often normally in drow society, but I think having a D&D drow campaign will be a lot different. Don't you? I mean, I'd love to see a House War!

Oh by the way, what is the caster level for the House Insignias?


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