The Lower Council (OOC / Storytellers)

House Arabani Location

Here is a map showing the location of House Arabani. It is comprised of a large stalactite hanging above a series of three stalagmites joined together by curtain wall.

I'm going to need to know approximately where House Camcarneyar is and a rough description for the Arabani trip there, when you can get around to it.

See the region marked Eastmyr? There is a tiny square to the right of the road passing through it. House Camcarneyar is located between that and the road. A fuller description will follow later when I've got it ready.

Matrons: PM me a list of the PCs in your House that you feel are worthy of leveling at this point. If I agree those individuals will ding this weekend. (hint: don't suggest inactive players ).

Hlarret is in Manyfolk, along the N/E wall, next to the "Arm" of the Claw-Rift.

Veldri_Nizzre may be taking over Matron for Hlarret, Zeta Cancri (who is MIA).

OOC Knowledge: Jys'aere Hlarret has successfully performed a Coup within House. Ryl Hlarret is dead and the House has been dissolved before the Ruling Council. Jys'aere is now Matron Nizzre.

I expect VN to make this IC knowledge within the next couple of days.

By tradition, Matron Nizzre has a grace period to get her new House in order before she may be subject to attack. Unless she does something to cause herself to fall from Favor.


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