The Lower Council (OOC / Storytellers)

Jreece joins the Lower Council as Matron Aleandar. Veir Aleandar is now a cohort.

ChaosHarbinger: See the region marked Eastmyr? There is a tiny square to the right of the road passing through it. House Camcarneyar is located between that and the road. A fuller description will follow later when I've got it ready.

V_N: House Hlarret is in Manyfolk built into the cavern wall near the Claw Rift, on the Academy side.

House Arabani is clearly marked on the map above.

Jon, where in Menzo is House Aleandar?

House Aleander is due north of Arabani, there is an area with a bunch of lines and dots, right beside the chasm, Aleander would be there, build against that gorge.

Also, thanks for the in on this DB. And a pleasure all

Originally Posted by Drowbane View Post
JCB, can you add the other three Houses to that map? The Laughing Blade's base is somewhere off of Donigarten.
Sure, I'm just going to guess on the shapes, so have mercy on me.

Aleander is actually the other side of the rift, my bad, I should have been more clear. the position is perfect, its just north of the Rift.

Thanks man

New Plot

I'm playing around with another BBEG to vex the Spider Worshippers and give several houses a chance to cooperate. What is the current status of Kiaransalee at the current time? She should be alive and allied with Vhaeraun, right? I'm looking at making up a 16th level gestalt cleric of her with some twists and having her make trouble for the council, which in turn would give incentive for the players to hunt her down.

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