The Lower Council (OOC / Storytellers)

Hey guys, (and gals) I have a bit of an idea to crank activity back up while DB is getting back to posting.

Between myself, and a few others (not on here) I have build a small army of Surface Races, intent on destroying the drow.

Basically, its a mini campeign inside this one, where members of each house will be sent to hold an important fortification against the incursion.

I would DM it, but if someone does something that makes no sense to me (which happens) I would have to rely on you guys to check into it (unless it was a member of House Aleander)

Thoughts? Opinions?

Could be done. Technically I should be taking the next couple of weeks off to focus on revision, but I seem to be a lazy bastard of late (well, lazier, to be brutally honest) so I could probably take a look without feeling too bad about it.


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