Re-Recruitment: Pilot Replacement applications

Re-Recruitment: Pilot Replacement applications

We will be taking 1 pilot replacement for Ambon.

Note that as the party currently consists of 1 Berserker, 1 Skirmisher, 1 AT Tactician, and 1 Pointman, there's no reason to feel limited in your choice of Career.

Here are the needed chapters of the Adeptus Evangelion book for creating a character. If you have these and the Dark Heresy core book, you should have everything you need to create a character.

Character Creation
Evangelion Generation
Modified Rules chapter (most of the Career Traits can be found here)
AT Field Chapter (find out what the AT Powers do here)
Combat chapter (useful misc. information about how battles work)

Also, be sure to download the attached document below ("House Rules"). It includes some important errata to the Backgrounds and Careers, and also has the new Evangelion generation charts that replace the old table system in this campaign.

House Rules/Evangelion Creation tables

Use the Quote command to gain the code in the fieldset below, then copy and paste it into your reply. Be sure to double check that you've modified dice rolls for the Fate points and Wounds appropriately before posting! Everything else can be edited to perfection gradually.
Character Application

Appearance and Mannerisms



Background Neo-Spartan, Prodigy, Manufactured, or Impact Survivor are all allowed

Career Berserker, AT Tactician, Skirmisher, and Pointman are allowed

Background Traits list the four background traits (2 positive and 2 negative) that you chose from your Background.

Assets and Drawbacks You must have at least 200 bonus xp, and may gain up to 400 bonux xp, from taking Drawbacks. Taking any Drawbacks above this number gives you no further advantage. You may also spend starting XP on Assets if you choose: try not to spend more then 600 xp on Assets. Your Career matters too!

Skills List the two starting skills given from your background, add on skills gained from your choice in Career, then any that you may have bought with XP.

Fate Points
Dice Roll: 1d10z
d10 Results: 3
Fate Points, 1-3 (2), 4-10 (3) (3) <- Modify based on Background

Dice Roll: 1d5+7z
d5 Results: 2 (Total = 9)
Wounds (9) <- Modify based on Background

Dice Roll: 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z
d10 Results: 5, 9 (Total = 14)
d10 Results: 6, 8 (Total = 14)
d10 Results: 3, 9 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 6, 6 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 4, 10 (Total = 14)
d10 Results: 10, 5 (Total = 15)
d10 Results: 6, 4 (Total = 10)
d10 Results: 2, 3 (Total = 5)
d10 Results: 8, 9 (Total = 17)
d10 Results: 6, 9 (Total = 15)
Characteristics (14,14,12,12,14,15,10,5,17,15)

Weapon Skill (?)+20 =
Ballistic Skill (?)+20 =
Strength (?)+20 =
Toughness (?)+20 =
Agility (?)+20 =
Intelligence (?)+20 =
Perception (?)+20 =
Willpower (?)+20 =
Fellowship (?)+20 =
Synch Rate (?)+30 =

Ego Barrier 100%
Insanity Points 0

Career Advances Instead of 400 starting xp, you will begin with 1000 xp (for a total of between 1200 and 1400 xp with Drawbacks factored in). You will still buy only Traits from your first Career Rank, as the Drawback xp doesn't count towards your rank. Show your work! Here's an example, including some pretty color-coding:

Fearless = 300 xp

Damaged Goods (+100 xp)
Duty of Care (+300 xp)

Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Toughness = 250 xp
Biological Upgrade = 200 xp
Weapon Upgrade = 100 xp
Weapon Upgrade = 100 xp
Skill Proficiency (Carouse) = 100 xp
Halt Advance = 100 xp
Maneuver Master = 100 xp

A.T. Power (AT Ping) = 100 xp
Sound Constitution = 50 xp
=1400 xp

EVA Generation, Unit Number 08

Dice Roll: 2d5z
d5 Results: 3, 1 (Total = 4)
extra points for Str and T (4)

Weapon Skill (?)+15 =
Ballistic Skill (?)+15 =
Strength 30+? =
Toughness 30+? =
Agility (?) =

Hit location (AP) Wounds/Current:
01-10 Head (2) 3/3
11-20 Right Arm (2) 3/3
21-30 Left arm (2) 3/3
31-70 Body (4) 9/9
71-85 Left leg (2) 4/4
86-00 Right leg (2) 4/4

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent

Copy the text of the EVA History trait here.
Name of the Trait
Copy the text of the EVA Frame trait here.
Name of the Trait
Copy the text of the EVA Body trait here.
Name of the Trait
Copy the text of the EVA Soul trait here.
Name of the Trait

Eva Gear
Pallet Rifle, Progressive Knife (Mk 1), and a Wing Load-out (Knife dock)

Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 98, 79 (Total = 177)
Primary Color/Primary Shade Neon Grey? Weird... if I swap the rolls for Color and Shade though I get Neon Purple. Sure, sign me up.
Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 54, 11 (Total = 65)
Secondary Color/Secondary Shade Bright Green.

Green and Purple worked for Shinji right?

If you decide that you despise the colors that you've rolled feel free to just choose your own.

Free Characteristic Re-roll
Dice Roll: 2d10z
d10 Results: 2, 4 (Total = 6)
Re-rolling for the 5 I got above (6)

If you have any questions, please ask them in the OOC thread. Actually, changed my mind. Let's put debate and conversations about the applications themselves here mainly. Easier to keep track of that way. If you wish to submit a character with some sort of crazy dark secret or whatever, feel free to employ Private tags in this thread.

Finally, if you're a Reader who applies with a character here, don't be surprised if I temporarily revoke your Readership during the application process!
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Character Application
Name: Melissa "Boom Boom" Rogers
Nationality English
Age/Sex 15/Female

Background Neo Spartan

Career Skirmisher

Background Traits
You have dedicated your life to combat, and
extensively trained in the ways of war.
Gain a +5 to Ballistic Skill and +3 to Agility skill
Trained for war
After years of simulated battles against
various Angel templates, you know where to
hit and make it hurt.
Gain Hatred(Angels) as the Talent from
Dark Heresy.
Know your enemy
Whenever you fail a weekly test for a Time
Management option, you are treated as
having a level of fatigue for the entire next
week as you exceed your limits trying to
achieve your goal. The only exception to
this is a Synchronization Test, which you
can attempt to train yourself for without
tiring yourself out.
You are used to responding to authority
figures. Anyone using the Command skill on
you gains a +20 to their roll.

Assets and Drawbacks
Gain a permanent +10 to Fellowship
based skills involving the opposite gender. 100 Exp
Sexy voice
You have received tactical training
superior to that of the other pilots, and are
considered in all ways to be a Nerv officer.
You technically outrank the other pilots,
though just barely. However, rank has its
privileges. Your starting gear, in addition to
the norm, includes a Nerv officer’s uniform
and a standard issue sidearm. Your rank and
tactical training grant you the Command
Skill (or Talented(Command) if you are
trained in Command already). In addition,
you gain a conditional Fate Point that may
only be used when working directly with
another Evangelion pilot under your
command. In this instance, you may choose
to spend or burn this conditional Fate Point
to trigger any use of a Fate Point normal for
your character, but instead grant the benefit
of the ability to another Evangelion on the
field. 300 Exp.
Team leader
Your Character has no survival
instinct, and will not disengage from combat
for any reason other than an Absolute Order,
even in the face of certain death. 200 Exp
Whenever you regain wounds for
any reason you regain 1 less wound to a
minimum of 1. 200 Exp
Slow healing

Common Lore (War)
Speak language (English)

Melee weapon training (General)
Pistol weapon training (General)
AT Power (Deflective field)
AT Power (Neutralize)
Skill proficiency (Climb)
Skill proficiency (Charm)
Talented (Command)

Fate Points
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 6
Fate (2)

Dice Roll: 1d5+9
d5 Results: 2 (Total = 11)
Wounds (12)=11 (Roll) + 1 (Sound constitution)

Dice Roll: 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z
d10 Results: 2, 7 (Total = 9)
d10 Results: 7, 6 (Total = 13)
d10 Results: 8, 7 (Total = 15)
d10 Results: 1, 5 (Total = 6)
d10 Results: 8, 2 (Total = 10)
d10 Results: 6, 5 (Total = 11)
d10 Results: 9, 3 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 1, 5 (Total = 6)
d10 Results: 4, 5 (Total = 9)
d10 Results: 7, 5 (Total = 12)
Characteristics (9,13,15,6,10,11,12,6,9,12)
Dice Roll: 2d10z
d10 Results: 9, 9 (Total = 18)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 2d100
Original Dice: 2d100
Reroll (18)

Weapon Skill 20 + 18 (dice) + 5 (Simple Advance) = 43 [+10 to Attack only vs. Angels]
Ballistic Skill20 + 12 (dice) + 5 (Trained for War) +5 (Simple Advance) = 40
Strength 29
Toughness 31
Agility 20 + 12 (Dice) + 3 (Trained for War) = 35
Intelligence 29
Perception 30
Willpower 31
Fellowship 30
Synch Rate 40 + 13(Dice) + 5 (Simple advance)=58

Ego Barrier 100%
Insanity Points 0

Career Advances 1400/1400
Sexy voice=100 Exp
Team Leader=300 Exp

Slow healing=(+ 200 Exp)
Suicidal(=+200 Exp)

Awareness=100 Exp
Dodge=100 Exp
WS+5 (Simple)=100 Exp
BS+5 (Simple)=100 Exp
SR+5 (Simple)=250 Exp
Biological upgrade=200 Exp
Structural upgrade=100 Exp
Sound constitution=50 Exp

EVA Generation, Unit Number 11

Dice Roll: 2d5z
d5 Results: 4, 2 (Total = 6)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 2d100
Original Dice: 2d100
Extra points (6)

Weapon Skill 20 + 18 (dice) +5 (Simple Advance) +15 (EVA) + 3 (Predatorial) = 59 [+10 to Attack only vs. Angels]
Ballistic Skill 20 + 12 (dice) + 5 (Trained for War) +5 (Simple Advance) +15 (EVA) = 55
Strength 30
Toughness 30 + 6 (Extra points) + 5 (Biological upgrade)=41
Agility 20 + 12(dice) + 3 (Trained for war) + 3 (Predatorial) +10 (Lightweight chassis)= 48

Hit location (AP) Armor/Wounds/Current:
01-10 Head (3) 4/4
11-20 Right Arm (3) 6/6
21-30 Left arm (3) 6/6
31-70 Body (5) 11/11
71-85 Left leg (3) 6/6
86-00 Right leg (3) 6/6

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent
Biological upgrade (Toughness level 1)

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent
Structural ugrade (Armor enhancement I)

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent

: Your EVA is, as far as you know, literally the only thing standing between humanity and
utter extinction. You are the only one who can possibly save humanity, and if you fail mankind itself is
doomed. Whether or not this is accurate or just a cruel psychological ruse, whenever you are defeated
in your EVA take 1d5+1 Ego damage as the crushing weight of failure under so much pressure takes its
Last Hope
Your EVA features an advanced armor alloy that is incredibly just as durable as
the others while having a fraction of the weight and producing far less joint friction. If the program
that resulted in this marvel hadn't bankrupt itself on massive cost overruns, they might even have
considered retrofitting this prohibitively expensive system to the other EVAs. You gain a +10 bonus to
Agility in your EVA.
Lightweight Chassis
Your EVA is different from all the rest, slightly smaller, thinner, and faster. It doesn’t look
so much like a hulking war machine as a colossal predator. It more than lives up to this appearance,
matching considerable speed with an instinctive economy of violence, and a thirst for killing that stays
in your mind for hours after you leave the entry plug. Your EVA gains +3 to WS and Agility.
Your EVA doesn’t seem to be entirely in synch with the world around it, and its senses
seem to occasionally pick up on things that simply aren’t there. Depending on how much you’re
relying on those senses at the time, this can be anything from a meaningless nuisance to a lethal error.
The first time you spend Fate for a reroll in your EVA each session, you must instead re-roll twice and
accept the worst result.

Eva Gear
Progressive Knife MK I Melee, Progressive -- 1d5 +1 R 3 Progressive, Compact
Pallet Gun Basic 30 S/-/3 1d10 I 0 6 1Full Inaccurate Unreliable

Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 61, 27 (Total = 88)
Primary Color/Primary Shade
Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 88, 39 (Total = 127)
Secondary Color/Secondary Shade

Notes on RadicalD's application (these are regarding mechanics only, I have not begun to read any fluff yet):

tips for your applicationCharacteristics Please show your math on the numbers here. For example:

Weapon Skill 20 + 18 (dice) + 5 (Simple Advance) = 43 [+10 to Attack only vs. Angels]
Ballistic Skill 20 + 15 (dice) + 5 (Trained for War) +5 (Simple Advance) = 43

It isn't always necessary to enumerate each benefit, but the two examples above are perfect places where you should do so. Make it as brainlessly easy for me to judge your character sheet to be mechanically sound as possible.

Career Advance XP table - you should include point expenditures for Assets and Drawbacks in this section for clarity's sake. The reason for this is that there is no rule stating that Assets and Drawbacks need to balance out; it's perfectly possible for applications to have, for example, 400 points of Drawbacks and no Assets, instead dumping all the points gained into Career. Factor in your Drawback points in the XP total that you build the character up to: In your case you should have 1400 XP to spend in total on your Career and Assets, assuming you don't remove any Drawbacks.

EVA Characteristics Same as the Characteristic notes above for your pilot. If you have a bunch of wacky modifiers enhancing or subtracting from characteristics, please show me your math. That way I can focus on the real reasons I want to pick characters, as opposed to spending my time retracing the steps of your homework.

Dice Roller error I carefully looked at your post edit history and frankly I'm not even sure what happened to cause this, but it doesn't smell fishy to me. Probably just Myth-weavers glitching out or a harmless error. I'll allow the rolls you currently have.

Team Leader This is quite alright with me, we don't have any characters with this Asset yet and it will certainly create an entertaining dynamic if the new Pilot we end up with has this.

EVA Colors A sort of Egg-shell off-white combined with a few deep shades of purple could make an interesting color scheme I suppose. I don't think that overlaps with anyone else, except a bit for EVA 13 if the purple ends up too prominent. Or, you could flip the Descriptor with the Color rolls and end up with... Dark Yellow and Neon Blue? Hmmm.

A lot of the above stuff are just things I could have been more clear about in the initial post had I spent longer carefully considering how to phrase the character application, but it was more important to me to get it out the door so people could begin crafting applications then agonize over all the details. You just happen to be the guinea pig as I have an actual sheet to look at and decide how I want it to appear . Make a few changes and we'll be happy.

We'll did the changes, removed a drawback that would have probably destroyed my ego barrier and synch ratio at the same time. And the only thing is about my writing it may not be all that good, It's been a lot of time since I really wrote a lot in english or used fancy words. It may seem different because I'm running a couple of games, but I sometimes tend to overlook some phrases or write, then think.

Uhh... another note: Dodge is pretty much useless in AdEva, when our AT field is more likely to protect us from anything coming at us than any Agility test. In fact, when we first started, most of us had Dodge.. but Dark let us trade it for something else if we wanted.

Originally Posted by Samaelryn View Post
Uhh... another note: Dodge is pretty much useless in AdEva, when our AT field is more likely to protect us from anything coming at us than any Agility test.
It's a bit more complex then that, especially once you get a few Battles into it. Angels will neutralize/roll a Positron-like test to ignore your AT Field all the time... the question becomes how soon in the challenge curve of the game this starts happening with much regularity. Player party-size is also a big factor, and actually plays a component in the "difficulty level" of Angel generation rolls. Not to say that an imaginative GM can't take the raw data of those charts and create something truly off-the-wall based on their personal knowledge of how to challenge the party.

When (not if, but when) it starts to become difficult for any but AT Field-overcharged Tacticians and Berserkers to resist the average Angel's basic attacks, the more martially-inclined Skirmishers and Pointmen may well wish for alternative options to avoiding attacks.

Hmmm... Sounds like I might be getting Dodge back later then, eh?

Originally Posted by Samaelryn View Post
Hmmm... Sounds like I might be getting Dodge back later then, eh?
Sure. Agility is a cheaper characteristic to buy up then Synch Ratio as well for skirmishers, which will probably also factor into your decision eventually. There are advantages and drawbacks of course: nobody can Neutralize your Agility score, which is definitely a nice thing, and unless you are stunned into inaction it should be a pretty stable chance of evasion. Synch Ratio on the other hand can fly all up and down the charts in an absurd fashion, there are a ton of different ways to avoid, neutralize or otherwise defy the AT deflection roll, but it requires no Reaction and can be taken multiple times a turn.

For the first Angel or so unless your Synch Ratio is just plainly abysmal (ie. you are an Impact Survivor) then Dodge is a wasted skill slot when you could actually be doing something story-wise though.

How come I only found about this today? Why isn't there and ad up or something? (I'll post an application, soon. Can I re-use my old pilot idea or you didn't liked it? Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings.)


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