Re-Recruitment: Pilot Replacement applications

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I’m not haggling, I just said I’ll take it. If its that big an issue I’ll drop Impetuous.
You don't have to drop it if you don't want (although your Operations Director might well thank you if he's trying to set up some sort of plan). Thank you for changing the sheet.

@ Zell: Yeah, I see you took that advice about the Feedback well to heart. Like many things though, perhaps it might work out best for you with a little bit of moderation. Going Berserk as fast as possible is good, but if you don't have ways to grant a high probability of acing the roll it can be a high-stakes gamble with a lot of let-downs. If you were making your character for a higher starting level, it would probably be great. But realize that as you naturally get to a high enough Berserker level to be able to ace Berserk rolls consistently, you'll also already have gained a lot of other ways to trigger those rolls. It's definitely good to want to Berserk if that's your career, but it can also pay off to look for ways to contribute to the battle while you wait for that eventuality to come around.

If you want to keep it the way it is that's fine by me, although since I am taking the input of the existing players in the choice of a replacement pilot you might also be testing their personal willingness to choose "the Gambling Type" as the new replacement. I won't speak for them on that.

As far as the EVA traits go, it's really hard to go wrong with
Through an extraordinarily complex procedure, your EVA has had its frame grafted directly into its substructure, making it much more resilient to harm. You appreciate the added protection, but not so much the constant nightmares of horrific lucid surgeries. The first time per combat each part of the EVA takes critical damage, it takes 1 point of damage less.
Skeletal Graft. When an angel scores a hit on you, 1 point of critical damage either way can make the difference between a simple nasty nuisance and a crippling inability to fight back. Or, you might swap the positive and negative traits between Body and Frame to get one of the nice melee combat mutations. Hard to go completely wrong with the traits.

Meh, guess I’ll lose it, if only so I’m not bothered by that hangnail 200 later if I get in.

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I edited in a reply to you above.
I'll take your suggestions under consideration, I just really loved the idea of my Eva splashing blood everywhere!

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Assets count towards rank.
Assets are just something you can spend points on. It doesn't matter how many points you spend on Assets or Career Advances or Upgrade Points or whatever, your Rank is only based on how much Experience everyone (that is, the entire party) has in their XP pool. The XP Pool will always be the same for everyone.

The XP pool right now is 400 (starting) + 400 (first battle) + 200 (first roleplay session) = 1000 points.

Drawbacks are what have everyone confused. Drawbacks grant bonus experience that exist outside of the pool. Everyone will be able to buy the next Rank of advances when I tell you that you can.

That is all there is to say on the matter. Case closed.

Alright, so changes to character sheet done.

Also, I hadn't consciously realized about the whole Berserker + Eva with Ego melting properties when berserk, but I think I like it actually. Unit 07 was supposed to be an attempt at creating a HAET powered war machine, with Entofor specifically grown to be able to "take" the backlash (read: we have extras. what's a few dissolved bodies?). The Ornate, Pattern Blue, and Mighty Soul traits were meant to represent the creature's angelic nature, with Weeping (and Twin Soul) the Mechanical side to the previously grown children who didn't make the cut.

The only problem with the whole set-up is that Unit 07 can tell it needs Entofor to work (really, any pilot will do, but no one else has ever synched with it), so it purposefully allows him "control" in order to slowly gain it's own awareness. None of this stuff has any mechanical effect obviously, this is just how I imagine the interplay between my character and his Eva. And if I get picked, feel free to use any of this as fuel for our burning at the sta- er, I mean... The warming fire. >_> Yeah, that's it...

Character ApplicationName: Максим Александрович Чмерковский (Maksim Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy)
Nationality: Russian
Age/Sex: 16/Male

Background Neo-Spartan

Career A.T. Tactician

Background Traits
You know your place in the chain of command, and have long since been conditioned to have you moral boosted by the presence of a strong authority. You gain a +10 to resist Fear and Pinning so long as you are directly following orders.
You begin play with Basic Training (General) or Pistol Training (General) or Melee Weapon Training (Progressive).
Skill at Arms
Whenever you fail a weekly test for a Time Management option, you are treated as having a level of fatigue for the entire next week as you exceed your limits trying to achieve your goal. The only exception to this is a Synchronization Test, which you can attempt to train yourself for without tiring yourself out.
You are used to responding to authority figures. Anyone using the Command skill on you gains a +20 to their roll.

Assets and Drawbacks
Effect: You have received tactical training superior to that of the other pilots, and are considered in all ways to be a Nerv officer. You technically outrank the other pilots, though just barely. However, rank has its privileges. Your starting gear, in addition to the norm, includes a Nerv officer’s uniform and a standard issue sidearm. Your rank and tactical training grant you the Command Skill (or Talented(Command) if you are trained in Command already). In addition, you gain a conditional Fate Point that may only be used when working directly with another Evangelion pilot under your command. In this instance, you may choose to spend or burn this conditional Fate Point to trigger any use of a Fate Point normal for your character, but instead grant the benefit of the ability to another Evangelion on the field.
Team Leader
Sometimes, surviving is its own punishment. There is someone, possibly a relative or friend, who has no one else to care for them, and is incapable of caring for themselves. Either as a result of obligation or compassion, your attachment to this ward is a defining aspect of your person.

Work with your GM to define exactly who this person is, what your connection to them is, and why they are so helpless without you.
If you ever believe this person to be in danger (be it direct or indirect) you must pass a difficult (-10) Willpower Test or rush to their aid. If you have confirmed that they are in immediate danger, you automatically fail the Willpower Test, though in your frenzy to help them you gain a +20 to all Tests directly related to aiding your ward.
Should this person ever be harmed, take 1 point of Insanity and take a level of Fatigue for an hour due to depression. If this person should ever die or be taken from you somehow, immediately gain 2d10+10 Insanity Points.
In addition, caring for this person takes up much of your time. During the Time Management stage, all options except Synchronization Tests are not treated as routine and as such do not get the +20 bonus, as caring for your ward gives you
less time to devote to other tasks.
Special: This Drawback requires special permission from the GM, and any GM unwilling to give the player time to interact with their ward in character is recommended to not allow its use.
Duty of Care - Nikolai
Effect: There is a part of your character’s past that must never be revealed. Be it something they did or saw, should this be revealed it would ruin them. What this secret happens to be is a matter for you and your GM to decide, but should anyone discover it your character will have their Fellowship permanently halved when dealing with that person. This applies to anyone that person decides to tell as well.
Depending on the nature of the secret, additional penalties and punishments may apply.
Dark Secret

Common Lore (War)
Speak language (English)
Speak language (Russian)

Melee weapon training (General)
Pistol weapon training (General)
AT Power (Deflective field)
AT Power (Neutralize)
A.T. Power (A.T. Wave)
A.T. Power (A.T. Ping)
Skill proficiency (Awareness)
Skill proficiency (Speak Language - English)
Biological Upgrade (Toughness)
Talented (Command)

Fate Points
Dice Roll: 1d10z
d10 Results: 4
Fate Points, 1-9 (2), 10 (3) (4) (2)
Conditional Points: (1) - Team Leader Asset

Dice Roll: 1d5+9+2z
d5 Results: 2 (Total = 13)
Wounds (13)

Dice Roll: 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z 2d10z
d10 Results: 1, 1 (Total = 2)
d10 Results: 2, 7 (Total = 9)
d10 Results: 2, 2 (Total = 4)
d10 Results: 2, 6 (Total = 8)
d10 Results: 9, 4 (Total = 13)
d10 Results: 2, 10 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 8, 10 (Total = 18)
d10 Results: 4, 7 (Total = 11)
d10 Results: 6, 4 (Total = 10)
d10 Results: 3, 9 (Total = 12)
Characteristics (2,9,4,8,13,12,18,11,10,12)

Weapon Skill    (04) + 20 = 24
Ballistic Skill (12) + 20 = 32
Strength        (08) + 20 = 28 
Toughness       (09) + 20 = 29
Agility         (11) + 20 = 31
Intelligence    (13) + 20 = 33
Perception      (11) + 20 = 31
Willpower       (12) + 20 +5 = 37
Fellowship      (10) + 20 = 30
Synch Rate      (18) + 40 +10 = 68
Ego Barrier 100%
Insanity Points 0

Career Advances 1400/1400
Team Leader = 300xp
Duty of Care = +300xp
Dark Secret = +100xp

Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Synch Ratio = 100 xp
A.T. Power (Push) = 100 xp
A.T. Power (Pull) = 100 xp
A.T. Power (A.T. Wave) = 100 xp
A.T. Power (A.T. Ping) = 200 xp

Characteristic Increase [Intermediate] - Synch Ratio = 250 xp
Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Willpower = 250 xp

Evangelion, Unit 09

Dice Roll: 2d5z
d5 Results: 5, 5 (Total = 10)
S/T pool (10)

Weapon Skill (24) + 15 = 39
Ballistic Skill (32) + 15 = 47
Strength 30
Toughness 30 + 10 +1 (BUP) = 41
Agility (31) = 31

Hit location (AP) Wounds/Current:
01-10 Head (2) 4/4
11-20 Right Arm (2) 6/6
21-30 Left arm (2) 6/6
31-70 Body (4) 11/11
71-85 Left leg (2) 6/6
86-00 Right leg (2) 6/6

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent 1/1
EVA Toughness - Level 1 (1)

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent 0/0

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent 0/0

Your EVA is, as far as you know, literally the only thing standing between humanity and utter extinction. You are the only one who can possibly save humanity, and if you fail mankind itself is doomed. Whether or not this is accurate or just a cruel psychological ruse, whenever you are defeated in your EVA take 1d5+1 Ego damage as the crushing weight of failure under so much pressure takes its toll.
Last Hope -
Your EVA is host to a new development in ceramic armour, the forerunner to the next wave of ablative technology. Or so they say. In reality, your armour is uncannily fragile, and prone to breakage. The first time each EVA body part takes damage each combat, reduce its AP by one until the EVA is repaired. If one limb is damaged, the corresponding opposite limb also immediately takes this penalty as the armor automatically 'rebalances' itself.
Brittle -
Your EVA seems to work subtly differently to all the others, and is kept much more secure than the rest. You’re not entirely sure why this is so, but you’ve overheard mutterings about ‘pattern blue’ and some kind of engine. What you do know is that your EVA is capable of adapting its AT field almost instinctively, and has a +1 bonus to ATS. This does not give you any corresponding bonus to your Synch Ratio, which in fact paradoxically drops 5 points due to the difficulties of synchronization that don't seem to plague any of the other pilots...
Pattern Blue +
While in your EVA, the entry plug is warm and comforting, and brings a great sense of peace and security, like being held in your mother’s arms. All your troubles seem suddenly insignificant, and everything will be all right after all. You gain a +3 bonus to Synch Ratio in your EVA.
Maternal +

Eva Gear

Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 43, 30 (Total = 73)
Primary Color/Primary Shade
Dice Roll: 2d100
d100 Results: 54, 61 (Total = 115)
Secondary Color/Secondary Shade

Primary = Dark Red
Secondary = Dull Black

Dice Roll: 2d10z
d10 Results: 9, 2 (Total = 11)
Characteristic reroll (11)

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