He was a quirky employer, that much was true. But his gold was as good as anyone else's, and when an eccentric and powerful mage asks to hire you, you think twice before saying no.

The ancient catfolk mage called himself Ceal, which he seems to prefer over the more formal "Senior Magister Inkot" inscribed over his door. His small, cluttered abode in his personal demiplane, to which he rather abruptly teleported you, smells of overcooked meat and dried herbs, and is filled with pictures of his extended family, magically captured upon the canvas as they go about various activities.

Your motives for taking the job are your own, though those of your three newly-acquired fellows are not yet clear to you. Though evidently erudite, the mage's speech is stilted, evidently using metaphors and turns of phrase from his own language, as though he could not be bothered with the barbaric strictures of Common. Though a bit tedious to follow, the job is eventually made clear to all of you as roughly encompassing the following:

There is a place, far away underneath the great Western Moor by the Sea of Tears, where his vision cannot penetrate. It is a small place in the grand scheme of things, perhaps the size of a large room or small house, but to resist his far-flung gaze is a feat indeed. And if there is one thing that can make a multi-potent mage nervous, it is a something he does not fully understand that seems to resist his power. He could investigate it himself, certainly, but that would involve putting himself at some risk. Risk is what one hires other people to take on, after all. He assures you that his focus will be on you as you approach this place, and that he will ensure that nothing can permanently stop you, short of complete vestigation (which no one fully understands or can reliably produce anyway) - should you fall, he will bring you back, ready to continue with the job. He suggests that the supervising may be tedious, and that those who prove less dull to watch may receive a bonus of some kind, on top of the payment you are already contracted for and whatever valuables you manage to bring back yourselves (in which he has no interest and to which he leaves you to your own devices).

And with that, he teleports you away to your destination, the closest aboveground location to the aberrant area he mentioned. You may find his last words to you, in his own stilted idiom, either comforting or chilling: "And please remembers, I'm in ur heads, watching ur delve. Ceal Inkot is always watching!"

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