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Who do you want to see Tanged the most? (TAKE 2)
Kurushi - N24 Lazar (Manufactured Berserker) 1 33.33%
Zell - Jimmy Saint (Prodigy Berserker) 0 0%
Kolar - Maxwell Skells (NeoSpartan Pointman) 0 0%
Mishra - Maksim Chmerkovskiy (NeoSpartan AT Tactician) 2 66.67%

Kolar needs to go. Plain and simple. DM is doing us a favor by running this game for us, he is not obligated to do so in any way; Kolar's attitude just pisses me off.

Obviously, I can't say much about Zell's app, since all we can see so far is his Eva. He is apparently a berzerker though, judging from his conversation with DM. We have one of those already (I'm looking at you, Ekman). So I am more in favor of the other apps.

Again, Kurushi's app is for a Berserker, and we have one of these already. We cause enough Collateral Damage as we are without two Berserkers in the party.

This of course leaves me voting for another NeoSpartan Skirmisher, RadicalD's app, though I was hoping we would get a second ATT so that we have more than one person with AT Ping..

I'll sit down later tonight and really go over the apps, but right off the bat I'm voicing my dislike for RadicalID's application. I've seen a number of other applications for various games from him/her, as well as read though some of the games he/her is GM of, and I'm not impresses much. I've just got a bad feeling about him/her.

I'm a rookie to the system too, so I'd support another ATT and not be too sad. There's too many wonky powers for me to catch 'em all. (Go SPARK OF GENIUS!)

Personally I love the idea of two differently spec'd berserkers eventually having to throw down in the later part of our adventures for one reason or another (possibly one going berserk and the other ordered to stop them, likely causing a berserk on the others end as well) and neither being able to die or both constantly eating each others wounds and regenerating etc.

Mmm, now that's some beautiful devastation... Unfortunately I havent had time to review any of the applications for various reasons so this will have to suffice as input on the matter until I can give a valid critique. ^^

I like Kurushi's the best of the 3. It'd be nice to have a bigger pool but you can't really open a public game ad now without backhanding these guys. And I know Dark080matter hates crushing dreams.

If you do choose him, maybe ask if he's open to changing his class. It's not that I'm worried about him stealing my thunder or anything () but the berserker is kind of... well, a one trick pony. Kind of boring to have 2.

Well two people with the same trick can synchronize better? Hmm, there seems like there's an argument there but I cant think of it at the moment.

Can I say they all kind of blow? Zell's is incomplete, RD's is uninspired, and Kolar is kind of a dick (although the concept is interesting).

By process of elimination, that leaves Kaworu as my pick.

All the current applications.

I figured I would draft up this insanely large post in order to make it easier to actually view all the applications.

Thank you very much Samaelryn, that was very helpful.

Well, after reading though them all, I'm liking Kolar's the most. As stated before, I'm not a fan of RD in general, and his character just screams attention whore to me. Kurushi's character is just meh, nothing really bad about it, but nothing really good either. Zell ruined any chance of me liking his character as soon as he used a picture of Michael Cera. His character also seems like it was tailor maid to replace our Shinji, he's Canadian and a complete wimp. Kolar's character seems like the most interesting to me and I would like to see the interactions between his character and the other pilots.


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