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Who do you want to see Tanged the most? (TAKE 2)
Kurushi - N24 Lazar (Manufactured Berserker) 1 33.33%
Zell - Jimmy Saint (Prodigy Berserker) 0 0%
Kolar - Maxwell Skells (NeoSpartan Pointman) 0 0%
Mishra - Maksim Chmerkovskiy (NeoSpartan AT Tactician) 2 66.67%

I'm assuming he is referring to who we want to see stuffed in a Plug Suit and dropped in a vat of Tang.. or LCL.

Ah, I see. Tang, it's a kick in the sanity!

Alright, we had the person who voted for Mishra change their vote to Radical D's application so that makes for an unbreakable majority. Unless I hear some suddenly convincing objections that's going to be my choice.

I've had RadicalD has a GM. I can't really say good things about his method/frequency of postage.

That's a potentially convincing objection. Any more elaboration you can offer?

We have similar commentary from Zeruel at the beginning of this thread.
Originally Posted by Zeruel View Post
...right off the bat I'm voicing my dislike for RadicalID's application. I've seen a number of other applications for various games from him/her, as well as read though some of the games he/her is GM of, and I'm not impresses much. I've just got a bad feeling about him/her.
I appreciate being open about players that bug us, but it's difficult for me as a GM to get a firm read on just bad feelings alone. For what it's worth RadicalD has been one of the most on-the-ball applicants in terms of responding to critique, and of course got the application in on record time (not that that should really factor too much). But that's just what I've observed from here.

I was in a game with RadicalD, and I have to say the issues were prevalent. Started off strong, but post rate petered out. Abrasive to work with, ignored entire player characters for convenience's sake. Made things up as he went along. A real scattershot in terms of GM'ing style. Wouldn't surprise me if he made changes in his personality over the course of the story to fulfill whatever short-term goal he wants out of the other players.

Dark, you could ask the GMs of the games RadicalD is currently playing in if they can give a good reference for him?


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