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Who do you want to see Tanged the most? (TAKE 2)
Kurushi - N24 Lazar (Manufactured Berserker) 1 33.33%
Zell - Jimmy Saint (Prodigy Berserker) 0 0%
Kolar - Maxwell Skells (NeoSpartan Pointman) 0 0%
Mishra - Maksim Chmerkovskiy (NeoSpartan AT Tactician) 2 66.67%

Back when I started up my DH game, RD signed on very late, but with a complete character sheet, something none of my other players were able to do. Mechanically is was sound, but personality and background wise, the character seemed like, for lack of a better term, a Mary Sue. From what I've seen of RD's roleplaying, he/she seems to hog the spotlight a lot, and expects special treatment for their character.

All of RD's character are copies of each other with some minor changes from what I've seen, or in the case of my DH game, and exact copy of a character he was running in another DH game.

My bad feeling stems mostly from the use of Mari as a character portrait. The character of Mari is what I think of as a excellent example of a Mary Sue. A goody-goody character who has all sorts of talents and always tries to steal the spotlight and nothing really bad ever happens to. Just seeing that coupled with RD made me cringe.

If RD is a lemon then we should steer clear. If nothing else, this is a game that needs long-haul kinds of people, not application junkies.

That said, I have no opinions. The application pool is too small and overall none are ideal. But anybody who wants to be here will probably be fine.

Given that Mishra hasn't responded in a while, I'm guessing he's a no show, either.

Mishra should be in the process of updating his app... He contacted Dark the other night to let him know what was going on and that he was still interested. Holidaze, y'know?

Mishra has updated some of his sheet, still waiting on the last few bits to come in... But I like what we see so far.

Originally Posted by Samaelryn View Post
All the current applications are in the post linked here, I have updated Mishra's.

Ok: Final Verdict for me. With RadicalD and Mishra out of the running for their
RadicalD for his reputation, and Mishra taking too long to finish his application and not keeping in contact
various sundry reasons... I motion for the immediate acceptance of Kurushi'S N24 "Lazar" into the game.

I did consider Kolar's application, but between both his and Zell's grammatical issues, and Kolar's arguing with dark080matter over how much xp he'd get to spend from Assets, I find that Kolar's application seems the most deserving of acceptance.

While Zell's grammar was better than Kolar's... his character just doesn't feel right. I don't really have anything I can say to explain that, just that I'm 'not feeling it'?


Group, I need your best huddle. Pick a winner. Or a loser, it doesn't really matter to me at this point.

I know I've made my choice for the new player. It involves alcohol and a thrown dice after you've all made your inputs.

I'm going to echo Sam's feelings on this. I'd still like to see Mishra get in, but he's just taking too damn long. One more for Lazar.


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