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Sample Character

Isaiah Bass Gambler
Might: 2D
Agility: 2D+2
Dodge 4D, Pistol 4D+1
Wit: 3D+1
Gamble 5D+1
Charm: 4D
Persuasion 6D

Static: Block: 6 Dodge: 12 Parry: 6 Soak: 6

Perks: None
Complications: Enemies, Personal Code
Equipment: $46
Colt Peacemaker, derringer, 50 rounds of pistol ammo, boot knife, fancy suit, hat, boots

Isaiah was born in Tennessee on the plantation that had been owned by his family for generations. When the war between the states erupted he ran away and volunteered to fight despite being only 15 years old. He returned from the war to find his parents dead and plantation taken over by a rich Yankee. He buried the carpetbagger in the rich black plantation soil and fled. The man's three sons are constantly listening for news of his whereabouts.

Having few choices he found his way into the gambling. He first tried his luck on the Mississippi riverboats but had no interest in cheating his way through life and after a rough time he made his way into Kansas to start his career in earnest. As the Kansas cow towns dried up he has been pushed further west until arriving last week in Ute Creek.

Isaiah is an honorable man and will do what he can to help those in need, often despite himself.

Maxwell During
HP - 13 ------------------ -1
CP – 1
CP Awarded - 25
CP Used - 24
Brawling 2, Ride 4, pistol 5,5, Awareness 3, Rifle 5,

Might: 2D
Brawling 2D+1
Agility: 4D
Dodge 5D, Pistol 6D, Roping 4D+1, Fast Draw 5D+1, Rifle 5D+1
Wit: 3D
Awareness 3D+1
Charm: 3D
Animal Handling 4D, Ride 4D+1

Static: Block: 6 Dodge: 15 Parry: 6 Soak: 6


Damn fool hero, - Will not back shoot, or shoot unarmed people
Enemies - Mexican bandit group

Equipment: 12$
S&W Mod 3 .44 pistol, 50 rounds of pistol ammo, knife, - colt peace maker 65 rounds (in saddle bags)
45-70 Sharps, 25 rounds rifle ammo, rifle lever action 25 rounds

hat, boots, chaps, spurs, coat, vest, rope,
Horse, saddle, Bridle, saddle bags, Bedroll, Canteen

An American raised by his Uncle, a teamster on the Santa Fe trail and into Mexico. He did not see any of the horrors of the civil war. Once He was old enough (15) He found a job with the Rancho de la Vasquez on the Rio Yaqui in Mexico. aquiring the nickname Azure, from riding a Blue roan horse. After riding there for some years. He fell in with some bad people. He was part of a robbery. His cut of the robbery was $6 and a pistol, a .44.
He still has his Uncles' Sharps rifle which He is very proficient with.
He soon realized that He did not like this life or His new companions. Disillusioned He left them and started north. After some time in New Mexico territory he continued on to Colorado, out of money and looking for work.
His one time companions do not like him but probably will not search for him.
At this time He is 22 years old and knows about riding horses and working cattle. A gold town is new to him.
He has no close family.

The outlaw banditos
A band of Mexican banditos led by a Confederate Colonel, who escaped capture at the end of the civil war and made his way to Mexico. At the time there were about 20 in the band and The Colonel ( the only name Azure knew him by ) had ideas of carving a territory for himself in Old Mexico.
Azure stopped the gang from killing a mexican family, earning the banditos, and The Colonels hatred, before He left them.
He currently rides in Ute creek for the Lazy L Ranch.

Doctor Lewis Norris

Might: 2D
Agility: 3D
- Dodge 1D, Pistol 1D
Wit: 4D
- Medicine 2D, Awareness 2D
Charm: 3D
- Ride 1D+2, Perform 1D

Character Points: Current 9, Total 26
Hero Points: 1 (02/01/2013)

Static: Block: 6 - Dodge: 12 - Parry: 6 - Soak: 6 - Full Dodge: 22

Perks: None
Complications: Needs glasses (approval pending)

Starting Equipment:
- Weapons: Knife $1, Single Action Revolver $25 (Starr Model 1863)
- Stuff: Coffee Pot $1, Fiddle $15, Matches $.05, Mess Kit 1 $1, Paper $.50, Pen and ink $.25, Pipe $.50, Backpack $1, Canteen $1
So far: $46.30
- Food: Meal, Good $.25 x 7, Sugar $.15 x 3, Tobacco $.25 x 3
So far: $49.25
- Ammunition: 2 boxes of Pistol ammo for a total of $10
So far: $59.25
- Medical supplies: So far: $68.26
- Clothing: Belt $2, Shoes $4, Boots $5, Shirt $1, Slicker $4, Derby $5, Duster $5, Gloves $2, Vest $1, Pocket watch $5, Pants $2
- 1 nearly full Whiskey bottle with one ounce of mixed laudanum.

Augustus William Barstow "Willie" aka. Padre Pistolero Jack Sparrow

Might: 2D+2
- Athletics 3D+2
Agility: 4D
- Dodge 5D, Pistol 6D
Wit: 3D
- Awareness 4D
Charm: 2D+1
- Persuasion 3D+1, Ride 3D+1

Static: Block: 8 Dodge: 15 Parry: 8 Soak: 8

Perks: None
Take your pick: the south, bandits, bounty hunters, you name it they could be after him for being a bad man.
He's learned that a man has to live with what he's done. Now he tries to be an honorable man and help others.
Damned Fool Hero
Equipment: $40. Colt Peacemaker [x2], box of pistol ammunition, knife, backpack, bedroll, canteen, matches, rolling tobacco and paper, cowboy outfit w/poncho.

He is fifty if he is a day, but he's as fit as most men half his age. He has an agile and rangy physique, hair that has gone grey, and a thick horseshoe mustache. He wears an unassuming cowboy outfit with a poncho, and underneath he wears his rosary. He still considers himself a man of the faith, even if he questions his faith constantly. Two pistols are in holsters at his belt: one slung low in a gunfighter buscadero, the other on his left hip.

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