Act 3, Scene 1: Västervik

"I don not think the monastery is an issue at all," Orion replies, "I was told the spend many years out of contact with the villagers, only to reappear when the village needs them. And they are warriors like myself, I believe they can take care of them selves."

"In the end I think that we can do the most good by first lighting the fire of the lighthouse. Then we can procure a vessel and some trade-goods and set out for the orcs. Upon our return we can determine our next steps."

between mouthfuls of food Greil smiles only barely. While I do not wish to delay stopping the Orcs from polluting the river, the townsfolk would probably show more appreciation from our clearing of the lighthouse after taking a heaping swig of his drink he finishes, 'sides, I always preferred climbing to a clean-up

One of these days Greil, I will not be able to give you my food because your eating habits are utterly repulsive. Anyways, I call for us to climb the lighthouse, I need to show Greil that I am the better climber of the two of us. After that, I have a score to settle with the trolls and based off of my night last night, the people of this village are hiding something from us. It seems that there is a troll outside of town that is causing trouble but I have not been able to ascertain where he is or what he has exactly done. It seems they were incapable of holding their liquor, as well as win an arm wrestling match against me. After the orcs are taking care of, will you join me in finding this troll?

Hmm. In my scouting I took a long, hard look at that lighthouse. The masonry is exquisite. I would say that it's many times older than the village; and the fact that it's still standing likely means that other buildings made by this artisan are also still standing.

The least pressing matter here is one that I heard of. Out beyond the fog is a pirate ship that had been looting down in warmer waters. They broke for the cold north when being pursued by the navy and ran aground. The ship would be hard to access with the current dark and foggy weather. But if we were to get that lighthouse shining, we would be able to investigate and, hopefully, fill our pockets when we have the time. I am of the mind that the lighthouse is the place to begin.

"Well," Boone says, "the obvious thing is for one of the climbers to climb and then throw down a rope. From there, I can climb up--using the rope--and bring whatever else up with me using my levitation ritual. Does that sound reasonable?"

Sounds highly reasonable to me Boone. Well Greil, it seems you and I shall have our race to the top then and then help out our athletically-challenged wizard here. This will be fun, and Greil you will lose this time. Oh and no pushing me off the side, if you do I will disappear to be on top of you.

Orion smiles and rises from the table, "Come, we have broken our fast. Let us scale the tower."

Upon arriving at the lighthouse Orion turns to Greil, "Do you still have that grapnel?"


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