Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

Walking to the far end of the quay you stand at the foot of the great lighthouse. The stone tower extends more than a hundred feet into the cloudy sky, perhaps even closer to two. Made from large blocks of stone the tower's sides are smooth and the centuries have had no ill effect of on the masonry. Three pairs of barred windows mark intervals on the towers face and at the base of the tower is a heavy metal door covered in rust.

Rune swings his arms to work out any grit in his joints and begins to climb, using the cornice above the door for a hand and then a toe hold, the sorcerer leaps for the first window. He grabs at the metal bars and thankfully they hold his weight. Behind him, Orion takes a running start at the stone tower, despite the smoothness of the stonework he does have some traction, but when he reaches out for the sill below the other window his fingers can't quite reach. The monk slides down and tucks into a roll at the bottom, he hits the ground but is none the worse for it.

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Greil laughs heartily once the crowd reaches the lighthouse. Rune it will be an honor to watch you chase me up this lighthouse. As Rune scampers off Greil lets his long powerful arms grip the stone and begins his own steady climb up. pausing to looks down he realizes he has left some behind. Need me to hammer in some ropes for assisstance?

Boone is content to wait at the bottom until the others get the rope in place. In the meantime, he starts sketching his magic circle for the floating disk ritual. "To be clear," he says, "I am planning to let you two do the climbing and then pull me up using the rope. The rest can follow on the Floating Disk--along with whatever equipment we need."

Orion nods, "Yes, I'm sure that would help considerably, Greil." He opens his pack and removes a length of silk cord, "Here, use mine." He says as he tosses it to the climber and gets ready to follow.

Greil, you talk far too much. Now hurry up so we can get this done and I can go kill some beasts. Having enough of his repartee with Greil, Rune looks up and begins to climb again to the next window.

Cracking his knuckles and grabbing Orion's silk rope, Greil starts up the side of the Lighthouse. He reaches the window opposite Rune, holding the bars with one hand the warden deftly ties the silk rope to the bars and drops it to the ground.

While Greil is tying knots, Rune heads upwards. Halfway up to the next set of windows his smooth metal foot slips out from it toehold and he begins to fall grasping at the smooth stone wall he eventually grabs onto the window bars. He's back where he started, but alive.

Below Greil and Rune, Orion follows up the rope provided by the warden while Boone breaks out his chalk and draws a circle on the stone. After ten minutes he's summoned a solid disk, opaque and purple like frozen smoke.

huffing as he pulls himself up Greil keeps his smirk on his face If I didn't get to talk Rune we wouldn't get to have this conversation would we. We'd just listen to you bolts creak under the weight of the barrell you call a torso As He continues He uses attempts to tie another piece of rope to help his other allies.

Grumbling to himself for his lack of focus, Rune glares at Greil Well it's better to here my lower body work with creaking than with yours and flatulence. You really should hold it in, even my lack of a nose is getting affect by your stench over here.

"Damnation," Boone says as he realizes that his Floating Disk ritual isn't going to work. "What I really need is the Eagle's Flight ritual. Should've known that from the start." He looks about at his companions. "Do you think we have time to scour the local wizard's shop, or are you lot going to have to carry me after all?"

Orion shouts down to Boone, "Come, my friend. A spell is a recipe, is it not? Can you not change it, a master chef improves on the dishes his mother taught him as a child?" The monk then starts his climb again.


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