Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

Greil's callused fingers find their grip in the shallow holds on the face of the Lighthouse, and with a daring jump he reaches out and grasps the sill beneath the second set of windows. Pulling himself up, he sets about typing a rope to the window-bars and dropping it to his comrades bellow. Rune and Orion both grab the silken line and haul themselves up to the Warden.

Bellow on the Quay Finley and Boone examine the floating disk the Wizard has summoned and Boone begins to leaf through his notes.

"Well," Boone thinks aloud, "if I combine this floating disk thing with some elements of simple Fey magic and a pinch of bat wings... I mean, they're not as good as eagle wings, but I actually have some bat wings, and anyway, that might give the whole concoction a better lift. And in any event..."

This continues for a good ten minutes before Boone shouts "Aha!" and falls back into casting immediately

"Are you coming, friends?" Orion yells out as he catches his breath half-way up the tower. Then he rises and streches, "The last leg, Griel?"

Just goes to show what a good pair of muscles can do with his quip done Greil continues his climb his muscles already pulsing with the work done.
As he continues towards the next level he hollers back, Remind me why we couldn't just bash the front door in?

...You know, they never did tell us why we couldn't use the front door. Why did you only now state why not? It would have saved us the hassle of climbing this stupid lighthouse. Now a tad bit annoyed, Rune continues to climb to the top of the lighthouse just for the sake of accomplishment now. Oh and to still beat Greil.

Down on the quay Boone has strewn papers all over the Floating Disk, using it as an impromptu desk as he scribbles furiously. After a few minutes he claps with excitement. Grabbing a blank page he writes down the last of his notes before grabbing all the papers in a big armload and stuffing them into his pack. Then he begins to work modifying the Disk, and in a few more minuets it has expanded to twice its sized and moves up and down at the wizard's command.

Meanwhile Orion, Greil and Rune are busy scaling the side of the lighthouse. Grasping the edges of a stone the mortar causes Orion's fingers to slip and falls, grabbing the rope down at the second pair of windows. Greil' and Rune are more successful, each scrambling up to the last set of windows before the roof. With one hand Greil ties another rope dropping it down to Orion.

"I believe we simply never tried it." Orion chimes in as he tries to catch up to the climbers above him. "It could be stuck. I could not be. I dare say we could find out from the inside on our way down?"

"Come on, Finely!" Boone cries. "It's now or never!" And with that, Boone grabs Finley and leaps atop his protoptype. "Up!" he cries, and the thing rises high into the air. Now if only I can steer it, Boone thinks.

Well, it's only a skip and a jump left Greil...let's finish this up and then go fight some goblins. I really need to stab something shortly. Getting a bit antsy, Rune scrambles to climb to the top to just have this task finished and then get started on killing goblins again.

Couldn't have said it better myself Greil smirks as he tries to chase after Rune to the top


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