Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

Rune scrambles to the top of the lighthouse only to be met at the top by Boone and Finley standing upon a floating blue disk of energy. They step off the disk onto the stone tower as it begins to flicker ever so slightly.Greil and Orion are only moments behind the metal sorcerer and soon all five are standing on the top of the lighthouse.

Six stone columns hold a small stone roof above a hollow glass sphere. Perfectly round and clear without any visible seams or flaws the sphere is a wonder of glassmaking. At the bottom of the sphere is a tiny flame, like a barely lit candle, a single point of flame. There is also a wooden trapdoor grayed with age and with a rusted bolt but no lock.

"There is something wrong here," Boone says. He draws an orb from his pocket and quickly begins scanning with his arcane senses. "Perhaps if I probe..."

Starring at the flame Greil feels slightly entranced by it and his large body begins sways side to side. Anyone got any special ideas on this? Or we just heading through the trap door?

Sensing a weird magical aura emanating from the flame, Rune steps forward to take a closer look at it. Greil, you better not sway over the side, I know I will not attempt to catch your big body if it falls. So just stop that incessant swaying. Rune's eyes turn to the color of a deep blue as he assesses the flame in front of him.

When Boone draws his orb and Rune begins to stare into the fire the color of the flame shifts from orange to red and flares, "And just whom do you think your going to probe Mr. Crystal Ball?"

The flame grows to about the size of an apple with distinct eyes and a mouth, "It's been ages since anyone's been bothered me here, and they certainly didn't look like you. You want something or my name isn't Calcifer."

Suddenly the little flame flares and sparks, "Damn! I can't just be giving out my name to people, I guess its been a while. Anyway, you wanted something?"

Boone bows. "I am Boone, sometimes called 'the Blackcloak.' Your humble servant, sir. We've come to see if we can make this lighthouse active again and, to be honest, had not expected to find anyone in residence. How is it come that you are here and yet the lighthouse does not function?"

"Well, since you ask Blackcloak, while I may be a mighty and powerful being of fire, my magnificence has been constrained by this damnable sphere!" Two tongues of flame whip out and bang on the glass like little fists. "Of course, good Sir Blackcloak, if you were to shatter the sphere and free me from my glass prison you could do with the Lighthouse what you so desire?"

Why'd you get locked up in this little sphere? Greil inquires out of both confusion and suspicion. Is this not your home? or were you forced here against your will?

"Were I to shatter that sphere," Boone says, "then no doubt, we'd find ourselves fighting for our lives. And while I'm quite sure that the five of us could subdue you, perhaps instead of that, we might think of some way to ensure your cooperation. Yes? Because it seems clear to me YOU were meant to power this lighthouse, and as far as I'm concerned, that's a fine use for you. So. What's in it for me if I let you out?"

Orion bends down to inspect the orb, the pulls back and whispers to his companions. "Perhaps he does not know it, but that sphere is not whole. There is a hole in the bottom, where it rests on the stone. What it would be for I cannot say. Perhaps the magi know?"


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