Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

Let's just fix this damnable lighthouse and get out of here. I need to make something explode from the cosmic energies coursing through my metalwork. What must we do Kalcifer in order to get this lighthouse working again? Eyes flashing quickly to red and back to blue, Rune begins to rotate his arm out of habit while waiting for an answer.

"Hmm... Perhaps I can use a ritual to repair it." Boone says. He looks closely and tries to determine whether or not he can use the ritual Make Whole to repair the structure. "How much do you gentlemen suppose that thing is worth?"

"What's in it for you? Is the act of freeing a slave from his bonds not enough for you noble Sirs?" Looking around Calcifer frowns, "No, I suppose not. All I can offer is my services, which when I am free are considerable. With but a short incantation spoken into a flame you can summon me and I will render you aid in the future in exchange for my freedom."

"Phaw," Boone says, "you had it right the first time. I care nothing for your freedom, Calcifer." He turns to his companions. "Gentlemen, if we can but repair the mechanism that passes fuel into this structure, I believe we might succeed in our mission here. Perhaps we can find or scavenge some light metal piping?"

If that will get us out of here faster then yes. Where's that trapdoor to get us into the lighthouse again? Greil, don't even think of making a smart comment and just make yourself useful with your eyes and find us a way into the lighthouse.

"Hmm. You are bound and immortal. You would give anything to be freed? Or more accurately you would say anything." He turns to the magi, "I think more investigation is first warranted. Perhaps there are records in the tower?"

It does not take long for Rune to open the trapdoor leading to the interior of the Lighthouse, revealing a ancient wooden latter. The Sorcerer begins to clamber down only to have one of the wooden rungs snap beneath his weight and he tumbles to a platform below. Calcifer shouts and throws himself against the glass sphere as Orion, Boone, Greil and Finely follow Rune down through the trapdoor.

Inside is a spectacle the like of which you have never seen. A maze of brass and copper pipes and abound with a myriad of glass containers and spheres. The whole of the interior of the Lighthouse is filled with some massive apparatus, ending in a small copper pipe heading upwards to Calcifer's sphere.

"Interesting," Boone says. "With a bit of study, perhaps this can be repaired after all."

Boone sets to work and quickly begins going over the diagrams with with Rune and Finley and ordering Greil to heft large pipes and Orion up into high corners with a heavy bronze spanner. The wizard turns a large valve and you begin to liquid and gas begin to flow through the pipes of the Lighthouse Apparatus. To the east you see where a pipe connection has become loose, and you hear rattling from below. Orion & Greil look over the edge of the third floor platform and see a large metal container beginning to shake violently on the platform below.

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Well this seems a bit more foreboding than we originally thought.

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