Act 3, Scene 2: The Lighthouse

"The darkness hides many things, but the most fearsome ones are your own imaginings." the monk replies as he leans over the edge and looks below.

As he stands next to Orion I am imagning a large hunk of meat...either that or some mental monstrosity deisngned to blow up in our faces... Greil trails off looking down into the into darkness. Well, he says bringing his hammer up, just let me know what you need to be banged in place.

Boone sighs. "I hope this wasn't a mistake," he says. "Still, even the Blackcloak makes mistakes."

Finished with his muttering, Boone begins at last to focus his attention on the nearest piece of broken apparatus.

I became a bard to avoid this kind of trade work!

The apparatus continues to burp and rattle as you begin to examine the mechanism. Boone and Finley heatedly discuss the workings of the Apparatus and realize what parts they'll need to fix the parts that need attention at the moment.

It appears you have it covered on this floor, I might as well head down a floor and see what we can do. Walking over to the ladder and climbing down, Rune then heads over to another piece of the apparatus in need of attention.

Having established what he thinks he needs to do, Boone moves next to the nearest broken piece of the apparatus and begins chanting softly, channeling his energies to repair the apparatus.

Orion looks at his fellows queuing for the crane, looks over the balcony to the landing below. "I'll meet you down there!" And he darts off the edge, landing at the top of the windowframe, bouncing off and landing safe as can be on the second floor. He lands near the

Well I'll move down too, give me a holler if you need me to come back up. nodding towards Boone and Finley Greil sets about moving down a floor. as he grips the ladder he yells back up, If we die sell Rune for scrap to pay for my burial! he whoops in laughter as he slides down the rope. Landing harder than expected he lets out a light grunt and looks at the now glaring Rune, wahoo..

Boone scrambles up onto the apparatus and climbs across a large pipe to a series of valves on the far side near the wall. Following the directions from the massive bronze diagram he turns this dial and spins that one soon the valves are all bubbling along nicely. He sits back on his haunches for a moment to examine the diagram a bit closer.

Greil grasps the old rope and slides down, halfway down his hands begin to feel the burn and he lets go just a bit to early landing on the wooden platform with a thud.

Behind him Orion leaps down, bouncing off the far wall and landing in a tight roll. When he stands he immediately motions for Greil to turn around slowly to see what he's pointing at. The monk is pointing towards a pipe in the opposite corner where a large black cat with green eyes and a pair of long tentacles sits perched. It hides in the shadows as if only not entirely there.

Seeing Greil and Orion, the beast growls and one of its tentacles lashes out at the goliath, who blocks it with his shield.

Rune follows Greil down the rope, landing with a thud of his own but no worse for wear. Not seeing the beast behind him, he moves toward the rattling boiler. As he does the beast's other tentacle whips out at him but it glances off his metal skin. Reaching the boiler the warforged gives it a swift kick then jams a pipe back into place. Steam stops whistling out of the boiler and it settles down.

Only for you to hear a pipe burst on the floor below.

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