A Mission from God

A Mission from God

Jack's new trusty Hawaiian sidekick, Sumo (his real name is too hard to pronounce, so Jack simplifies it), is the sole salvageable result of this noisy mess. He'll take what he can get. He also resignedly recruits Moe, a drummer who can technically keep a beat in one of the existing time signatures at any one time when he isn't too stoned or throwing his sticks all over the place, and Victor, who doesn't know how to play the guitar so much as look pretty with it. But he's rich, and they need some gear.

Or at least, he was about to recruit those two before Renton and Renny busted into the music studio one afternoon and took everyone's ears by storm. Ok, Renton's Stratocaster was clearly second-hand and had the dent of the first owner's head in one side, and Renny was at least as enthusiastic about chewing suggestively on her drumsticks as she was actually banging out a rhythm. But they were way better then the other two schlubs.

Lead Guitar Jack
Bass "Sumo"
Rhythm Guitar Renton
Drums Renny

Your band needs a name. Maybe a singer too, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

Also, maybe you could figure out something better then just rocking out in t-shirts and jeans, or for that matter -yick- the school uniform. Let's face it,
even this would be better then the school uniform at this point.

Yes, this does belong here, visible to everyone. It's in the Private thread section because it fits there better then anywhere else, being side-story pilot business that doesn't quite fit on the main page.

Oh no... Jack groans internally at the sight of those two freaks wandering into the auditorium, and with instruments no less. He almost tells them to scram, but when they start rocking out, and it is clear that, among various unknown chemicals, they have the untamed spirit of rock beating proudly in their mass-manufactured hearts.

More conflicted than he has been about anything in his life, he tells them, "Alright, alright, you two are in. Just... try and act like, uh, people, during rehearsals, ok?"

"I was thinking we'd call the band, 'LCL'. Cool?"

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