Welcome to the Panic Room

Welcome to the Panic Room

This is the new Out of Character thread, because the old one was at 45 pages last I checked... maybe something like double that for those of you with default forum settings.

Anyway, to business.

Evangelions. Messed-up teenagers. The ultimate threat to mankind. Or perhaps just the cute girl in your gym class.

All of these get discussed here.

Got kicked out of the house a few days ago, so didn't have any internet. But I'm back now, and I see Dark has left me a message. Expect an update within 48 hours.

I was kind of hoping Ekman would post something, but I guess I'll just have Section Two drag Jack out of bed. Post incoming.

That seems highly appropriate given the circumstances.

Also I only now realised, one of us applicants will be getting a pretty cool charismas present! That’s a nice coincidence.

That is, if the decision is made before Christmas.

I think we're just waiting on input from Ekman and MDH at this point. *subtle hint*

Huh? I already gave my opinion in the thread.

Good call though Zeruel. I was distracted by the rock band sub plot I guess

Come now people. I get up off my lazy ass to write you out a post and then none of you do anything? For shame.


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