Welcome to the Panic Room

Yes I know, I was the one who gave you those instructions remember? Come on guys. Honestly, I'm not flying by the seat of my pants or anything, I really am working off the notes Dark left me.

I think I left my post from a few days ago in the tab window and eventually closed it instead of posting it. It's hilarious every time!

I'll try and get a post up within 24 hours, especially so Loth can join in, but with Christmas and my recently acquired cold, no promises.

Happy holidays guys!

I am just dropping by to check if there are any news about the recruitment thingy, are there?

I believe we're just waiting on Dark to make the final call now, Zell... Hopefully he'll get back to us in a few days, gotta give him some time to recover from the holly-days.. I find it can take about 1d4 weeks to recover usually :P

My Cold finally seems to be going away, expect a post up sometime later today.

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I've left you all hanging as long as I have. I'm still on the road and with friends, but it seems as though I've come down with some sort of viral outer-space death pathogen. Posting this from my phone is a trial itself.

I'll try to be back when I'm back.

I know the feeling Dark, just got over something similar myself.

If no pilots are going to volunteer themselves, then I'll get working on another post and let Loth make his own picks. FYI the new pilot has in fact been chosen, but he has yet to reply back.


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