Welcome to the Panic Room

I apologize about Chloe. She's very boring when she's depressed. She doesn't even have the desire to emo out in a LiveJournal.

Whoops, I rolled 1d10 instead of 2d10 for disruption, but Fail -> Pass means stable, right?

@ Ekman - Yes, I was Rp'ing since there was no elevation chart to reference - that the western island's drop point had a higher elevation then the angel in the central area - thus providing unit eight and the fire flies that move there - a clear line of sight to properly paint the enemies main body, compared to the other locations where it's still unclear if the main body is exposed.

OOC I know it's stupid to isolate a unit, but IC it make's sense to me to tactically risk one unit for the sake of the success of the entire operation (since unit 8 is the only one with a markerlight array now to provide me the three needed to autolock called shot with a +20 to hit with my fleet attacks)- no offense.

Honestly, if Lothmar hadn't brought up using the MLA's ICly.. I would have :P And I might even have gone so far as to have designated that for Amanda's drop point myself. Besides, so long as you lot keep the thing busy, I can always have Amanda move to one of the northern Mobile Support Structures without having to worry about sinking too much since she can easily move fast enough to get across that small channel in one turn - barring Dark080Matter's interference as my understanding of the rules for swimming goes.

Oh ok. If it isn't a big deal to swim across one of those channels, then it isn't as isolated as I was imagining. I just remembered the twins getting absolutely mauled in the last battle while the rest of us scrambled across the city to help.

Awww that reminds me, there's no city here to destroy with spectacular collateral damage Can this at least be some kind of island park, with the oldest and largest trees left alive and habitat to all kinds of endangered species?

Your update is here.

Sicarius07: Chloe no longer needs to suffer from Depression.

Kurushi: I'm going to review your character sheet and combat summary card for accuracy in just a moment. Meanwhile if everyone could follow suit with Kurushi and place a Battery counter on their summary card it would be appreciated. You will need to keep track of your turns of battery power in the upcoming battle whenever you aren't plugged into a Mobile Support Structure.

If anyone thinks of any rules questions don't hesitate to ask them here now.

Wow uhm, I just noticed something... Now that it's flying, I only have 3 units that can even shoot at it... ~Groans~

Or is it only considered hovering at this time and still a valid target for weapons that say ground/surface like the previous angel? Or do they simply take a penalty to hit? If they cant hit, well it looks like it's just become the Eva's fight altogether since this drastically changes my the strategy I would use.

The Angel is completely airborne. You would have to get insanely lucky to hit it with speculative fire with weaponry designed for ground attack. No computer system short of perhaps MAGI itself would be able to create the necessary three-dimensional physics model and instantly calculate trajectories in real-time to fool the ground attack targeting systems into coinciding with the Angel's location in the air... but that would require incredible amounts of data bandwidth to link up all of the fleet's weaponry and coordinate the targeting information.

I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying you'd be wasting your time attempting to do it. Maybe.

Also sorry Lothmar I missed your initiative roll in the beginning.. you put it in your statblock spoilers instead of your Mechanics spoilers with the rest of your dice rolls. That's fine though no need to re-roll. I'll also accept Jack's Initiative roll as-is for a final result of 12.

Now I just have to pray Dark rolls really terrible for deflection/dodge - because that could easily be two criticals to the core! xD

Man, those pilot's got pissed when they saw those attacks.

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