Here of course is where you can place your characters:

Complete or In progress

name: Please link sheet here

Characters submitted:
Hugo Ironsides - fighter Complete
Talon Bro'den - Duskblade Complete
Henry Aldis - Cloistered Cleric Complete
Cruroar Tigersoul - Wizard Complete
Noh Tresser - Wizard Complete
Gorak Aestern - Barbarian Complete
Dissiam Shadowcat - Barbarian/cleric/swordsage In-progress
Taladric - Swashbuckler/wizard/fighter Complete
Cassandra - Diviner In-Progress
Naila al-Rashid - Rogue/Fighter In-Progress
Xander Al-Kasir - Druid Complete
Gilak Whurdin - Cleric Complete
Baralis Draegan - Rogue/Fighter Complete
Mana Oborus - Paragon/spellcaster Complete
Glynelde Morbard - Cleric In-Progress
Eisen Zane - Cleric/Inquisitor Complete
Hadrathyss - Barbarian Complete
LeafShank - Rogue/Druid/Bard In-Progress


Hugo Ironsides
NG Human Fighter (Archer) 5


name: Talon Bro'den
Race: Human
Class: Duskblade

Complete, except for a bit of gear
(I'd prefer to finalize after final party make-up is decided, to help fill gaps)

Name: Henry Aldis

Race: Human

Class: Cloistered Cleric (heading for Harper Priest)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Cruroar Tigersoul Complete

Status: Everything is ready to fly, although me being the flip-flopper that I am I'll probably find room for further changes before the deadline.

Name: Gorak Aestern
Race: Orc
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Application Complete except for character sheet ~~

Name: Dissiam Shadowcat
Race: Catfolk
Class: Barbarian 1/ Cleric 1/ Fighter 2 (Progression= Ordained Champion PrC and Wildrunner)
Alignment: NG


name: Taladric
Race: Human (Chessentan)
Class: Swashbuckler/Wizard/Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 2d4


Name: Cassandra
Race: Human Paragon
Class: Diviner
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


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