Background stories

Background stories

While it is not manditory, if players want to work out shared backgrounds it can be done here.

Again it is not needed, does not guarantee acceptance and I may take one character and not another.

can't hurt though...

Anyone a novice harper agent perhaps?
Or a mercinary?
Or a Waterdeep City Guard?
Or a citizen of Westgate?
Or a mariner?

I haven't really thought of where my guy was going to start, but I could easily pop him in as a Mercenary or a Citizen of Westgate

Westgate has no standing military, so when needed they call on the malitia and hire out mercinaries...

Hugo was one of those as a citizen of Westgate you could have easily been a malitia...or a hired hand like Hugo...
we could have gone to X to investigate / defeat / rescue Y together...or perhaps defended the city from attack...
We were together when asked by the Harpers to go north to the Stonelands for Z...
this should put us near Tilverton at game start...

though I thought Tilverton was destroyed in 1372 DR...and this takes place in 1374...

I would like to play the "good ends justifies the means" type of character, foil to a "never submit to corruption" zealot (Disclaimer: I use the word zealot in a descriptive, non-demeaning way). Why? Because I'm looking to play a Malconvoker, that's why.

Now, which part of the Realms should I chase my character out of for being interested in summoning demons, besides "all of them"... someone who wants to be the zealot, throw me a bone here.

I think a citizen, studying more away from his master would work for Talon, he's part of the Militia call up and missions when needed to help pay for his rent and to also head out to learn some more himself, nothing beats on the job training after all.

We met up original while escorting X caravan to and from Y I would say, and on our return, they requested us to go to Z to investigate something, news of an item being stolen from the harpers was near that vicinity.

Your right, Tilverton is a Dark concave of space in 1374 after it was destroyed in 1372.

I think I'm going to try for a paladin. this should bring some interesting group interaction...

So Talon and Hugo were asked to escort an embassador north to Dagger Falls in Anauroch. The embassador, who is a ranking member in the Harpers, was pleased with the job and asked them to stop near Tilverton's Scar during thier return journey.

Anyone else feel like being a melitia member / mercinary / harper agent from Westgate escorting an embassador to Dagger Falls?

Or perhaps someone they met on the way to Dagger Falls?

@Darksight: I suppose your orc could have escorted Hugo and Talon get through Gnoll's Pass...and then the orc, for his own personal reasons, just never left the group...

The Azuth cleric I am doing is coming out Chessentan, having started adventuring after the wizard school in Cimbar was destroyed in 1370. She is going to be older, a middle-aged motherly type who became a cleric as a reaction to the destruction.

Any mage want someone fussing over him/her to react against?

I'm not a Mage, but I do cast and wield Arcane magic, which if you know what it is, you could recognize. What did you have in mind?


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