Issue Ten: The Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Issue/Assistant Editor's Month

Benni dodges some of the rocks, but some bounce off of her harmlessly, besides leaving dust all over her new outfit. Sighing she brushes the dust off as she watches the mummy, which is apparently a giant robot, get taken away.

Benni mutters to herself, "This is place is crazy." She follows the group to our transportation.

Jericho agility check 30
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 62

Jericho tumbles forward as a large stone falls down next to him. Slumping to one side, it nearly crushes his hand as he deftly snatches his glasses out from danger of being crushed, ignoring his own peril in reaching for them.

Once farewells are complete, Blackbird brooks no argument as to who is to be the one behind the controls of their rented transport. He's heard too many horror stories of crashed jets.

Even though you only spent a brief while with him getting up to speed on the situation and transferring possession of Gomdulla over to Interpol, the heroes who were up early enough to deal with the "special gift" gain the current Scarlet Scarab as a contact.

I will be closing out the issue soon and releasing issue 11: the return of the editor. Just in time, too. This was a silly issue.

This is where you currently are (all damage is considered healed by the time issue 11 starts, so any damage taken is not reflected here).

Current Status:

HeroMaximum HealthCurrent DamageCurrent HealthPopularityCurrent Total Karma
Agent X670674269
Aloha 'Benni' Ricci104010412161
Centennial Man120012026436
Motya Cheykina340344400
Jericho Tesla116011613681
Radical Warrior1400140401940

Avengers Team Karma Pool: 149 (Thanks, Blackbird!)
Tabletop/SHIELD Team Karma Pool: 2 (Thanks, Jericho!)

Power Stunts:*
Jericho Tesla gains one use of the Amazing Electrical Generation Power Stunt.

Benni increased her Reason from Typical 7 to Good 8.
Benni increased her Resources from Poor 4 to Typical 5.
Agent X increased his Shape Shifting from Feeble 2 to Poor 4.

Note that you all already have the Avengers as a contact, so any members of that team listed below means you have them as a personal contact as well.
Agent X, Blackbird, Benni, Centennial Man, and Jericho Tesla gain Scarlet Scarab as a contact.

NPC Notes:
Blue Marvel (AKA Marvel Boy, AKA Crusader) Popularity 0, Karma 8
MinuteMan (AKA Captain) Popularity 75, Karma 1800

Older Online Game PC/Current Tabletop Only PC Notes:
Bubbles Popularity 4, Karma 410
Jim Popularity 2, Karma 321
Maelstrom Popularity 17, Karma 586
MANAC Popularity 10, Karma 52
MantaMan Popularity 15,Karma 1412
PowerSurge Popularity 28, Karma -8
Pulsar Popularity 5, Karma 600
Sue Gnomi Popularity 0, Karma 57

*NOTE:The Power Stunts, Improvements, and Contacts listed here are for player reference so you can upgrade your own notes/character sheets. Future updates to this chart will only include the Improvements, Contacts, and Power Stunts acquired since the last time this table was posted.

The trip back across the Atlantic is pretty boring compared to the rest of the past week which, in a way, is a pleasant change. Finally arriving in the states, MinuteMan and EnergyStar (piloting this leg of the journey home) take the QuinJet northwest across New York State in a heading that, obvious to anyone with Piloting experience (or a Green Intuition FEAT), won't lead back to Buffalo.

When questioned, MinuteMan replies that there will be a brief stop off for a few hours before the team finally heads home. EnergyStar mentions something about fulfilling an obligation.

An hour or so later, the team is attending a backyard barbeque/pool party with a dozen or so young children. Hot dogs are passed all around and perpetual tours of the QuinJet are being given to a seemingly never-ending line of small, but relatively well-behaved children. An improvised volleyball court is beginning to take shape.

MinuteMan explains that a while back* a falling door from the AEF QuinJet crashed into the family swimming pool during a birthday party for one of the boys. Fortunately, no one was hurt. EnergyStar made arrangements a short time later to 'make it up to them', which is the obligation you are now fulfilling.

Condiments are on the table. Pop is in the cooler. Help yourself!

* Issue #3, page three, panel 6

Benni has fun with the kids, they seem to help ground her as she enjoys some normality. Although while giving tours of the Quinjet, she keeps forgetting to use "normal" words and kids eyes glaze over as they lose track of what she is saying.


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