Issue Ten: The Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Issue/Assistant Editor's Month

Energystar sits at the bar with a bright pink drink that has an umbrella in the glass. She is in a flowing yellow dress whose shirt has a slit to upper thigh on each side. She has her legs crossed and seems to be looking for someone. She sees the man in the white suit come and and she follows intently as he finds the one she has been looking for.

"He is acting so strange.", she says.

"What?", the bartender asks. He startled her. "Oh nothing just talking to myself. Thanks for the drink Tony." She stands and makes her way to follow the two men. She has had enough!

Chris Micheals standing near the bar looks over at Energystar. E are you okay you look a little frazzled. Is their anything I can do to help. Energystar concentrating on something else walks right past him. Chris sits down next to a well dressed Warbird and shrugs his shoulders. Well I guess she didn't need any help. Now where were we. Ah right I believe I just asked why you decided to become a hero. That is if you don't mind answering.

Warbird responds to Agent X's request with a personal history lesson.

"I entered the Air Force after graduating high school to pursue my love of aircraft and my dreams of flying. I was a top student at the Air Force Academy and eventually rose to the rank of Major before being recruited into the intelligence field, where I met Nick Fury. After that, I took a position with N.A.S.A. as the security director for Cape Canaveral, which is where I first met Captain Mar-Vell, the Kree warrior. I was charged with unraveling the mystery of this alien soldier until his enemy, Colonel Yon-Rogg, kidnapped me to use as bait against Mar-Vell. In the course of the battle, Mar-Vell and I were caught in the explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. The energy bombardment somehow caused my genetic structure to be melded with Mar-Vell's, making me a perfect hybrid of Kree and human genes. Through this transformation, Ms. Marvel was born.

Eventually, I...moved to San Francisco and battled Rogue, from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She absorbed my personality...Charles Xavier helped me recover for a while...and later I ended up with the Avengers...I call myself Warbird now. Convenient, since that new girl with the Fantastic Four seems to be using the Ms. Marvel moniker now. So here I am. What's your story?"

Agent X can tell that several of Warbird's pauses were intended to cover periods in her past she'd rather not discuss. Apparently, she has some pretty painful memories she's rather not revisit.

"Major, hm?" Blackbird turns from a nearby table to offer Warbird a proper military salute. It seemed like an appropriate distraction at the time. "I only got as far as Captain...sir. But I definitely got the bug about flying - I've been doing it all my life, now, both in and out of uniform."

He's currently...mostly out of uniform. With the weather nice and warm, as night fell he just added a sleeveless black shirt with the inverted V's of his symbol to his air force logo swimwear.

"Matter of fact, I have a few folks from the X-men who are trying really hard to set up a contest. Care to try and outrace a pair of Blackbirds sometime tomorrow, sir?"

A sparkle seems to glisten in Warbird's eye. "That depends on how badly you'd feel about coming in third...Captain", she replies, barely able to contain her amusement.

Blackbird laughs and hoists his drink. "Yep, you're still genuine Air Force, all right. Two Blackbirds and one Warbird...hell yeah. Even if it does turn into a race for second place, that's going to be the place to be!"

"Anyway, excuse me for bumping in on the conversation. I'll see you tomorrow."

Benni is in the crowd, dancing away, wearing a white bikini with a long colorful pattern native skirt with a long slit along her left leg. When the sulfur smell hits her, she wrinkles her nose. The tall woman looks over the heads of the people she is dancing with and notices the strange man and wonders who he is as he talks to Minuteman. She keeps dancing, but moves to be closer to Minuteman just in case she can over hear anything.

Motya handed over a few copies of her business card to the women she was speaking to.

"I studied heavily into metahuman law while in law school," Motya said, "so I can answer any question you might have about..."

"So, you're like a wannabe She-Hulk?" Boom Boom asked curiously as she looked over the card.

"Miss Walters is one highly experienced lawyer in metahuman affairs," Motya said, trying not to laugh at the idea of her being anything like She-Hulk. "There is plenty of..."

And about that time she shifted into a pre-transformation version of Jennifer Walters as she spoke.

Hanging her head slightly she sighed quietly.

"You look a bit like me," She-Hulk said.

"Is that entirely necessary?" Motya asked.

Chris tries not to give Blackbird the get out of here look when he is talking to Warbird. Chris gives Warbird a quisical look. Well where do I start. I was born in Chicago Illinois I had a rather normal childhood with parents I love. That is except for one thing I kept growing when everyone else in my class stoped. When I grew to 6' tall in the 8th grade I thought it would stop. No I kept growing to this statuesqe six foot eight inches tall. I should have expected the height both my mother and father are tall. With my height and stature I ofcourse was driven to play sports. I played a lot of sports in school. I however did not feal like gowing on to play orginised sports in college.

Insted I decided to join another kind of team. After graduating high school I joined the navy. I worked my way up to the rank of Lieutenant Comander. I had a lot of deffernt jobs in the navy froma Gunner to a RIO. With my height I hit a ceiling that narrowed of what kind jobs I could take. After a while of woking on the ground and not on ships I took an offer that let me leave the navy early. I then went on to college. After four years in school I got a message from an old freind. This friend had a job offer for me. That job opurtunity brought me to the governement. Unfortunatly that is where I have to stop explaining. I do not think I can continue on with out breking a few.
Chris's voice trailes off and he stops talking. He then looks into Warbirds eyes. I am sorry I had to stop my story. You worked with the government so I assume you can understand.

Jericho will get back to the team as quickly and quietly as possible. let me know if this plan fails, the backup won't be good, sheridan, Jericho pro'ly has pretty tough personal parameters when it comes to alien beachheads by this time in his life.


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