The Underdark's reaches await.

The Underdark's reaches await.

It's the middle of a gloomy... well. Who cares about what time of day it is? We're in the underdark, that means that weather conditions always include a Stygian darkness almost palpably filling the air, gloominess, and a real risk of a sudden and violent demise. This part of the endless night is no different.

You wouldn't say Ned'Cirannis is prepared for a trek out into the winding corridors of the Underdark, his attire has not changed from the usual one. And yet, he very much is planning to leave for those passages where he feels quite at home, with a few goals in mind. Most of these goals include interacting with the wildlife, specifically the oozes that can be trained and anything that can produce a potent venom, and studying his brother's strengths and weaknesses. Right now, he was standing at the outer gates of the city of Menzoberranzan, together with the aforementioned sibling. Both of them have taken their chosen steeds, Ned'Cirannis a cube of repulsive-looking jelly, and Belar-bryn atop a not particularly more charming disturbingly enormous bat.
His eyes are already directed into the corridor, looking as if they can physically pierce through the darkness, leaving two neat holes. "Ready?" He checks, setting out himself without worrying too much about Belar'Bryn's response to the question. It was, as they say, rhetorical.

Belar-bryn replies "Always" as he mounts his bat. He gives it a mental nudge and it takes off. He calls behind him "Ill fly ahead, but will circle back every 30 minutes. If you don't see me for more than that, assume trouble."

As the air pulls gently at his clothing Belar-bryn feels freed. He enjoys this time away from the protection of the city. The chance to go back into the dark, where only your own skills can save you from death. Where around every corner lurks a new danger. And= some times, the occasional surface dweller to test your skills on before sacrificing it to Lolth. He
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 29)
scans the ground beneath him and
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 19)
listens for anything abnormal. He rides comfortably on his new companion. It had been a while since he had bonded with a creature. Being in the city for so long since his last companion might have influenced that, but he had been busy.

"Do that. If you see any tracks worth attention, call me." the Elderboy's voice remains commanding. There was no real need to say this, but the Drow needs to point out who's the boss here, and makes all the decisions. Ned'Cirannis follows at the relaxed pace at which gelatinous cubes slide, keeping a wary
Dice Roll: 1d20+23
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 35)
eye on the treacherous world around him, himself.

The pair are met by several patrols during the first two hours. After that they escape the Dominion and enter the true wilds of the Underdark.

Um, what are the speeds of your mounts?

The ooze boringly slithers forward, more slowly than a quickly walking human would, while Ned'Cirannis hangs comfortable suspended in it.
25 feet. On that note, can I buy a Horseshoes of Speed variant?

The bat glides smoothly though thair at the same speed. Matching the ooze effortlessly.
60 ft I believe

~Several hours later~

Belar'bryn reports a rich hunting ground filled with mushroom groves, floor to ceiling stone columns, and most importantly a stream of water (run off from Darklake?). Before returning to report to his brother, he noticed a viper of improbable size.

Ned'ciranis is quickly learning the flaws with his chosen method of travel. Gul has trouble with rough terrain of various types, this has drawn out travel times even further as he has to go around obstacles that Belar doesn't even notice and that a riding lizard would just take to the walls or ceiling to avoid. Within Menzoberranzan, this can be neatly avoided in most places simply by keeping to the roads.

Don't get too comfortable with "by the book" rules. This critter's venom probably isn't what you might expect from MM I, so it may be worth checking out.
If I am mistaken about its limitations, let me know.

Belar circles back to his brother. Hailing him he says "I have sighted a viper of rather large size. Should yield some nice poison. Want to tackle it?" as he swoops low over his brother and hovers nearby.

Eventually, Ned'cirannis saintly patience runs out. That is to say, his short supply of patience ends by the first actual obstacle. As comfortable and stylish as the ooze is for a city transport, making the lesser people step aside lest they be dissolved, it's not useful here.
So the drow hops out of his vehicle and send it home, following Aragorn on foot. The Underdark is familiar terrain to him, and a familiar adversary is always a luxury, so he rather enjoys navigating its rocky terrain and feeling it under his fingers, every surpassed outcrop feeling like a minor victory.

"Not yet." Ned'cirannis answers. "I'll see if I can tame it, first. Stay within visible range. If it looks like it's attacking, drop a Darkness over me so it doesn't know where to attack. Then we'll kill it." He moves on, towards the
which I assume is Vermin,
creature, trying to keep it calm and on his side.

You? I'm the one who was mistaken... I thought she had a climb speed... Doesn't.

Nodding Belar keeps watch overhead, an arrow already nocked to his bow. He replies "You know, we would go faster if you rode with me. And I can also empathize with the creature if needed."


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