The Underdark's reaches await.

To the call of "here boy, who is a good snakey-wakey? Boy wanna treat?" the crimson snake-like creature rises up to look upon
if you are within 60ft, or just into the darkness if you're not that close
Ned'ciranis. This thing is massive, at least thirty feet long. It remains indifferent, so far.

Roll Initiatives. A knowledge check or two to figure out what this is might not hurt also.
Dice Roll: 1d20+1
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 18)
Round One
It sure seems like G-Cubes should have climb. I thought they did until I went to look up their speed.

The underdark's son continues coming closer to the being, crouching slightly to appear less threatening and make sure it does not attack out of misguided self-defense. With the same thing in mind, he mumbles a few arcane words and his armor is whisked, from his room, over his body. With the promise, "Calm... Calm, boy, and I'll give you someone to eat..." he continues approaching.

Raising an eyebrow, Belar circles on his steed a short distance above. He watches his brothers antics with interest.

The upper half of the beast sways side to side as it looks down upon the drow vermin-wrangler.

~ Round One ~
Ned -
The Leechking(?) -
~ * ~

Knowledges: Oh crap! This is a colossal monstrous leech. These things are highly dangerous. They also have one of the best paralytic poisons in the known Underdark. (Un)Fortunately this poison has a very short shelf-life.
The first minute is accounted for. The Leech is indifferent (started hostile)
Wild Empathy

Am I allowed a second WE check?

Ned'Cirannis launches into a series of clicks and hisses, which sound rather disturbing to the normal ear but, in his experience, calm the nerves of all manner of vermin, before continuing, "You're a smart boy... you know who you should attack and you know it's not me... good boy..."

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 20)

The leech lowers back to the ground and watches for this supposed food it has been promised.

~ Round One ~
Ned -
The Leechking(?) -
~ * ~
just in case
never had to "RP" a leech before. :wince:
It is "helpful". Don't expect to be able to take it into Menzoberranzan though.
Belar can attempt a WE check as well if needed

Ikul: I'll give you two retries.
Aragorn: Ned has WE with vermin. Do you also?

Oh. No. No I dont. Didnt realize it counted as vermin, kept thinking it was a viper.
clean up

Ned'Cirannis approaches the creatures closer, rubs his gloves hand over its skin, a little roughly so it actually notices it through its rough hide. "Good boy", me mumbles, or rather something along the lines of 'for the moment obedient boy', which is the closest Drow equivalent. In the meantime, his other hand is turned to Belar'Bryn. "We'll need someplace to keep this guy. Find a cavern."

Belar chuckles a bit at his brother. He nods and asks "Can you obtain any poison from it?" as he searches nearby for any large concealed space.

The darting fingers clearly show that their owner is insulted by the question. Of course I can. Can't you? In the meantime, Ned moves along the beast, stroking its thick hide, and quietly thinking about what to feed it.

Belar'bryn says "Personally brother, Im not to keen on getting near enough to do so. I could, but its different when the beast isnt dead. Any idea on how long the poison would last?"


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