The Underdark's reaches await.

As Ned'Cirannis follows the creature, he shakes his head slightly at his brother's behaviour, and makes a mental note that punishment will come that warp the Drow's superior form, granted to them by Lolth herself.
Instead of disforming that holy shape, he catches up with the creature, gets up a spool of rope, and throws it around it, effectively tying himself to the beast, while hoping it's loyal, IE foolish, enough to not crush him or let him drown.

The leech does not have the intellect to understand that Ned can not also breathe water or hold his breath as long as it can. Fortunately for the drow, they emerge from the water in short order.

The two drow find themselves in a slick, smelly cavern with no other exits. Mystical cave moss illuminates the cavern in a faint bluish hue.

The leech coils and looks at its two guests.

Ned'cirannis releases the rope fastening him to the massive vermin, and examines it, as well as its home. "Yeah, this is a nice cavern. We can work with this... we'll need to get some magical warding, but it's good. You know how to get here." then, he turns to the creature. "This thing has some potent venom in it. We need to get it something to eat, so we can get to that venom."

Belar looks around as he listens to his brother. "Any preference as to food? Live or dead?" he says as he turns his attention to the massive creature.

"It might have the brains to not try to paralyze something that's already dead, but I doubt it. Something large would be better, too..." Ned'cirannis continues examining the cave, walking around it in the dim blue light, and moving his hand along the wall to see if he can't find an air flow.

"I shall return shortly with food." with that Belar dives back into the stream, his way much aided by the current. He searches the area for anything living of the size requested.

Great.... Whatcha got for me?
Dice Roll: 1d20+11
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 13)

Dice Roll: 1d20+22
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 30)

Ned'cirannis leans against the wall, and grins. For once he did not expect things to be done for him, but if he could have his brother perform this thing for him, sure. Why not. He could in the meantime make sure this place is entirely safe.

Belar'bryn is rapidly swept down the rushing stream and emerges back in the area where he originally noticed the giant leech. His bat is perched on a rock outcropping nearby.

Suddenly a ginormous worm bursts through the cavern wall and stops twenty feet from the dark elf...

Belar-bryn raises an eyebrow at the worm. He is glad he did not have to go far to find food, however he hopes the worm isn't in a hurry from something else trying to eat it. He murmurs a word and unsheaths his swords in a fluid motion, as he dashes toward the worm and up the wall nearby it. Crossing his swords in a defensive stance, he waits above to see if anything is coming after it. If not, he will precede to disable it.

The gargantuan worm doesn't move as Belar moves into a better position. A moment later, though, the worm turns suddenly towards the drow, lowers his head, and slightly opens his mouth.

"Halt!", suddenly comes from the worms mouth. Strangely enough, it is a feminine voice, and it sounds quite human.

A silvered hand is seen coming from the Purple Worm, and it pushes up against the top of the worm's mouth, forcing the worm to open its mouth wider. A thin humanoid completely encased in gleaming silver armor appears from the massive jaw, and it stands in the mouth of the massive beast, looking down at the drow. She has a helm that completely covers her face, except for her eyes. There is a line-like opening that goes across her eyes, and it is completely shadowed, preventing anyone to see her face. Two blue orbs of light stare through the helm, right where her eyes should be found.

"Are you friend or foe?" the feminine voice said to the drow. She is brandishing a silver scimitar in her left haind, and she has it raised towards the drow. "Answer quickly, or you'll be" - she suddenly stopped, lowered her sword slightly, and leaned a bit forward. "Well, would you look at this... a lone drow? She tilts her head quizzically. What are you doing here, by your lonesome, so far away from Menzo?"

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