The Underdark's reaches await.

A single though flashes through Belar's head as this happens "What in the nine hells....". Then "Curse Ned'cirannis for his arrogance, if only he had listened to me"
Outwardly however, he shows no emotion beyond a raising of the eyebrows. Dropping to the floor lightly, he replies "I might ask what you are you doing here and then question why you speak so boldly to a drow noble, of the House Camcarynear." Tutting he continues "A rash action for one such as you...." as he lowers his blades to be at a 45 degree angle with his body, pointed toward the floor. He examines her steed with great interest however, and wonders what kind of creature it would take to bend such a beast to its will. And what would have to have been done to the beast in order for it to be subissive... All very thought provoking questions.

When finished examining her steed, he snaps his fingers and his own mount flies over and lands beside him. He awaits her response.

Razia chuckled slightly. "I apologize, oh mightiest of drow, for I did not know it was a noble that I was speaking with. Excuse me for my recklessness, my intel told me of sentient life nearby, but not that the life was of a drow noble of the great House Camcarynear. You have my dearest of apologies." She folds her right hand, and bows slightly. Her sword arm was pointed down completely, and in an instant, the scimitar disappeared in a blur, retreating into the creatures arm.

The worm shook for just a tremor, and Razia lighfted her head a bit, obviously listening to some unknown voice. After a moment, she turned back towards Belar. "I apologize for my forwardness, but I must ask: Do you have any other previous engagements at the moment? She crossed her arms. Because we're currently on a mission, and it's quite fortunate that we encountered you in such a way."

She leans forward as she talks. As she does, you can now see her hair. It is a deep and dark red, and it seemingly comes out from the back of her helmet, and it tied together in an extended ponytail. It is tied together by a beautiful jade hairpeace in the shape of a spider.

"Would you like to join us on our quest? Strong Drow such as yourselves are rare to come across in the vast Underdark, and with your help, we might stand a spider's of a chance in defeating the infernal abomination."

The Drow shakes his head slightly at her sarcasm. He replies "I hope you do not forget my station again." After a pause "I am otherwise preoccupied right now... However if you are not going far, and as long as I can have the body, I could be persuaded to help. I must ask though, what exactly are you hunting? Infernal abomination is a bit broad for my tastes."

Smiling inside, Belar hopes giant leeches like infernal abominations. Pity if they didn't. He might even get a soul out of this as well. His brother's little pet better have some amazing venom for all this.

He sheaths his swords and crosses his arms as he glances back at the river and its dark tunnel. As he does so, he seams to fade into the shadows for a split second, as the glow from his weapons are no longer present. It is almost as if he is a part of the shadows, or vice versa.

"Is it imperative that your other engagement can't be postponed? Out mission is time sensitive, with the enemy forces increasing by the minute. I could summon up a body if you wish for nourishment. A fleshy celestial if you like."

She shifts her stance, leaning back now. "I assume you have access to teleportation and the such? Can you return to this place at a later date?"

"No, I can spare the time. I do need nourishment, not for myself, but that can wait. I have limited teleportation ability, but I should not have to many problems." the drow says, narrowing his eyes.

"Splendid. All aboard then?" She reached up, and knocked twice against the beast's upper maw, and after a moments hesitation, the worm lowered itself to the ground, mouth now wide agape.

"Wait, I have a companion. Also, I don't believe you introduced yourself. My name is Belar-bryn, Secondboy and House weapons master to House Camcarneyar." the drow says. "I will return momentarily." as he turns and sprints and dives into the water at the tunnels edge. He quickly
Dice Roll: 1d20+12
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 13)
makes it to the other side. After explaining to his brother the circumstances, and how this may benefit them as well as give the leech a free meal, he returns with or without his brother.
Er.... Ill just assume I take twenty on that swim check. xD but the aquatic elf form should give me another +8 so im at 21... Whatever.

"I have no full name, I am simply referred to as Razia the Nimble." She nods as Belar embarks to retrieve his partner.

As he leaves, the worm moans, and she simply smiles. Reaching up to the beasts toothy maw, she gently rubbed a tooth affectionately.
"He'll be back, I'm sure. No worries." It calmly growled back.

She pulls the beasts maw down, closer to her. "They're friends, okay? No biting." It shook its head, rattling up Razia in the process.

Ned'ciranis, first of all, finds a few choice insults for his brother. "You gave us away... now we're probably going to need to find another way." He throws his brother the length of rope and fastens it around himself. "Get me out of here, and make sure I don't drown. And if it's gone before we get back..."
He'd mutter more insults but this is the moment for him to go underwater. "Wait here." he orders, once they've emerged from the water, and goes to see if there's a ride to be hitched on something nearby.

After rolling his eyes at his brother distress, he thinks "Its a leech.. We can find it another home. Or just kill the construct if its that big of a deal to him..."
Belar-bryn returns with his brother, and once out of the water, bows and introduces his brother. Sending his bat home he eyes the cube his brother had been riding.


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