Battle 2: The Angel of Illumination


"My God..." Johann adds with a renewed healthy respect for the enemies capabilities.

"All Ships but Kirishima break up and withdraw to open ocean, you cant touch that thing now - if the enemy doesn't pursue, Jiangkai and Lexington will re-converge and assist in escorting the Oklahoma to harbor or rescue operations if needed." Johann adds clenching his teeth for a moment in response.

"Allright, Bishop, Rook - look for a crystal - possibly spherical and red on the enemies body, if you can mark it - if not Go for the head or body - forward the data to Python and Viper Squadrons. Python, Viper circle around and launch and launch a frontal assault with your Alrams, I'll forward prevalent targeting data if it becomes available. Cobra, Circle around back and hit it from behind - Alram's also authorized." Johann adds touching his forehead and crossing himself in prayer for their success.

"Kirishima, Head around the back of the island - use the mountains as cover for now - if the enemy seem's interested in you - you withdraw."

"Where are those damn Eva's?" Johann adds in irritation not loudly and not really directed at anyone as he continues to watch the chaos unfold.

"All Eva pilots - Enemy is airborne! Watch out, this angel has some sort of devastating spherical energy attack - approximately 50 decimeters in diameter at least so far - So dont bunch up if you can help it and expect for your power supplies to get severed, cause the Eva might survive an attack like this but I dont know about the rest of the terrain or power units."

N24 Lazar

"Wha-whoah! What was that? I just felt some sort of big thump," Lazar gently rocked back and forth in his seat from the implosion of air pressure where the Tulwar used to be, "Did someone get hit?"

His anxious voice a mix of worry for others, and a slight hint of fear for himself. He began switching through feeds to make sure they were all there...


=Amanda Loup-Archambault=
Watching the images of the Angel's attack from a feed provided by Firefly Actual, Amanda checked and double checked in her mind that they had fully equipped her Eva for this fight. The MasGun was clutched in her hands, her progknife stowed securely in the holster attached to the gun, and they had swapped out her knife dock for an ammo dock. She tested her Marker Light Array by painting the ocean's surface below for an instant, then turned her attention to the feed from her carrier plane, showing her the terrain of the island she was supposed to drop on, spotting the Mobile Support Structure that had been deployed in advance for her to use.

Character Status
Amanda Loup-Archambault Character Sheet

Wounds 10/10
Umbilical: Disconnected
Status: Ready to Activate
Battery: 5/5 rounds
Fatigue Level 0/4
Insanity Points 7
Ego Barrier 97%
Current SR 39% (Unit 08 functions, but not at optimal efficiency. Evangelion 08 suffers a -10 to WS, BS, and AG Tests. Amanda has a +10 bonus on tests to resist Feedback.)
Fate Points 2/2

Reaction: Deflection is currently 0%

EVA Unit 08's Status
AT Field 0 / 3 (No Spread - Deflective Field)
Location (AP) Wounds
Head      (3)  4/4
Right Arm (3)  6/6
Left arm  (3)  6/6
Body      (5) 11/11
Left leg  (3)  6/6
Right leg (3)  6/6
Held: MasGun w/ Mounted Holster [Class Basic, Maser, Range 80dm, RoF S/3/-, Dam 1d10+2 E, Pen 3, Clip 40, Reload 1 Full, Special

Masers, as high-intensity microwave weapons, pass through most forms of matter with little to no impediment, making them more likely to inflict internal damage to the target with a well aimed shot. When rolling to confirm Righteous Fury, Maser Weapons gain a +20 to their Ballistic Skill test.
Based on tried and true technology, Reliable weapons seldom fail. If a Reliable weapon Jams, roll 1d10 and only on the roll of a 10 has it in fact Jammed, otherwise it just misses as normal.
Condition: Normal

Mounted Holster: Mk. 1 Prog Knife [Melee, Dam 1d5+4 R, Pen 3, Special
With a vibrating weapon, the constant oscillating motion of the blade results in multiple impacts per second to create a shredding effect more like a jackhammer than a knife. Progressive Weapons take this one step further by oscillating at such high speeds that the friction causes the blade of the weapon to become white hot.

The Progressive special quality can only be applied to rending weapons, and results in the exact same effect as the Tearing special quality from Dark Heresy (rolling for damage twice and taking the higher), as well as increasing the penetration of the weapon by 1.

In addition, a weapon with the Progressive special quality requires extra training to use effectively. Unless the wielder has Weapon Training (Progressive), on 2 or more degrees of failure for any Weapon Skill test with a Progressive weapon, the weapon is destroyed as the blade shatters. However, any wielder lacking Weapon Training (Progressive) does not take any penalty to Weapon Skill for lack of proficiency unless they also lack weapon training in the base weapon to which Progressive has been applied.
A weapon with the ‘Compact’ quality is small enough to fit in a wing dock (either a knife dock for a melee weapon or a pistol dock for a ranged one).
Condition: Normal

Wing Loadout: Right [
1/1 MasGun clip
Ammo Dock] Left [
The Markerlight is a relatively small device that can be attached to any basic or heavy weapon. The pilot may target any enemy body part as a half action and hit with the Markerlight automatically.

The data from the Markerlight can be relayed to any one friendly attack against the target hit by the Markerlight to negate the penalties to called shot against that specific body location which the Markerlight hit. If 3 or more Markerlights hit the same target in the same round, the Magi can use the resulting information to calculate flawless targeting data. All tanks, turrets and VTOL wings get a +20 to their Ballistic Skill against the target hit by the Markerlights.

If all three Markerlights hit the same body location, the tanks, turrets and VTOL wings are assumed to hit the same area hit by the Markerlights. In either use, if the Markerlight hits an enemy in the round in which an airstrike would do damage, the airstrike automatically hits the target, even if they have moved out of the location they were in when the airstrike order was issued.
Marker Light Array]

>> Battle Map <<

A blossom of explosions across the midsection of Barbiel announces the successful strike of Viper Wing's missile strike, and shortly afterwards further detonations indicate a rousing success of the attack run by the Aviation branch of the UN Navy. Before the smoke can even clear however, Barbiel is in motion. The Angel sweeps towards the F/A-41 Thunder VTOL wings as they peel away and seek defense in a circling pattern.

"All Diamondbacks, this is Pit Viper 1. November Lima on the attack, we're going to evasive formation Sierra. First Dynasty, be advised target does not respond to conventional munitions. Better get the Miracle Squad out he--

Vypers, Break Left! Break Left!!!

Barbiel's flight path has tracked directly behind Vyper Wing, it's luminescent wings not moving at all yet seeming to propel it through the air at speeds approaching that of the UN Strike fighters. Directed through the monstrous compound central eye, a radiant beam of energy lances out at Vyper Wing. The strike wing scatters just in time under the direction of their flight leader, narrowly evading the seeking beam of energy that attempts to track them for several seconds before winking off.

"Diamondbacks, this is Blue Mother. We are steaming out of the target area, continue combat operations under First Dynasty's advice. Vector onto One Niner Zero when you're ready for landing ops."

Under Johann's direction the fleet has exited the immediate combat area, but the Carrier remains close enough to support it's deployed aircraft. Meanwhile, four Evangelions are unceremoniously deployed in high-altitude drops towards the island.

"First Dynasty, Hawk's Nest is in the target zone. Hawk 1 cargo is away."
"Hawk 2 cargo dropped."
"Hawk 4 drop successful."
"Harrier 1 has dropped! Nice flying with you Hawks."

"...This is Hawk 3. We have a problem. Loss of communications with our drop unit, unable to deploy at present. We're circling the area now, please advise."

In the Command Center, Doctor Bradley adopts a death grip on the railing as he stares in mounting frustration at the schematic display of Carrier Plane 3's EVA deployment rig.

"Nonononononono.... That's not good, man, not good. I told them to reinforce the datalink couplings, if those break off in flight the rig can't receive the drop order and the Evangelion is stuck on the launch rails. BLOODY HELL, MAN! I told the Third Division Head to get her team to reinforce the freaking couplings! ...I have to make a phone call."

As Bradley buries himself in a convoluted technical yelling match with one of his associates, four human shapes fall through the frigid silence of the air. The island quickly comes into view as your inertial guidance units track you onto your chosen landing paths. At the last second, the blunt guidance fins attached to your Evangelion's shoulders and hips jettison and the retro-rocket burns out, allowing your bone-crunching landing to go off without a hitch. Well, at least something around here seems to have worked. Final system boot-up completes in mere seconds, except for Jack whose Russian interface takes a minute and a half to fully calibrate even after the rest of the system ready to go. It's sturdy enough though... you didn't even lose a single monitor this time!

15 = Barbiel
12 = Jack <==
10 = N24 Lazar <==
6 = Operations Director <==
5 = Amanda
3 = Chloe

?? = Renny

Pilots I have a feeling that the markerlights from Rook and Bishop are going to be going to Amanda, so it makes sense to hold her and Chloe's actions until after the OD has gone. Either way I'll use the OD's turn to make a mid-round update and put the next 2 EVA's on their actions. You are all on TURN 1 of battery power, keep it noted on your sheets.

Don't forget the way Range and Movement works. Each space is one square of movement, and 5 squares for the purposes of ranged weaponry and AT powers. You can only Neutralize the Angel from 4 spaces away. Don't stress about vertical distance, but realize that Barbiel is not close enough to the ground to stab unless you use AT Float. Which nobody here has. If only there were some way to force him onto the ground...

I'm sending a PM to Mask_De_H to verify Renny's status.

Jack / Unit 04

Jack regains his bearings, a bit shaken after a back-to-back LCL drowning (which he is confident he will never get used to) and swift kick out the back of a high-altitude plane. Among the useless clutter of his hodge-podge Russian interface, he sees a crude battery logo pop up.

"Damn, it flies?" He complains, hobbling over to the nearest charging station. He pauses a moment to admire the glory of mid-air combat between alien lifeform and fighter jet before hauling out the power plug and awkwardly reaching around for the socket. "What am I supposed to do, throw stuff at it?"

Actions: Move over to power station and plug in.

Character Status
Jack Lewitz

Wounds 12/12
Fatigue Level 0/4
Insanity Points 3
Ego Barrier 100%
Current SR 70%
Fate Points 3/3
Innovative Fate: 1/*

EVA Unit 04's Status
AT Field 0 / 5 (No Spread)
Location (AP) Wounds
Head      (1) 4/4
Right Arm (1) 6/6
Left arm  (1) 6/6
Body      (3) 10/10
Left leg  (1) 6/6
Right leg (1) 6/6
Equipped Weapon: Pallet Gun [Basic, 30 dm, S/-/3, 1d10i, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inaccurate, Unreliable]
Condition: 6/6 shots remaining,
Natural Weapon: Cranial Horn [1d5+1 R, Pen 0]
Wing Loadout: Right [Knife Dock - Mk. 1 Prog Knife] Left

"Magi do we have any new analysis on the angel? Specifically it flying, are those wings even moving - " He adds assuming them to possibly be an aesthetic visualization of an AT field and it's flight may be based on some sort of telekinetic ability. "or are they moving so fast they just appear to be standing still? If they're a valid and physical part of the angel's aerial mobility and not just some energy projection - im wondering if with enough precise fire power we can clip one or both of these wings and force this bug into the soup because we've all seen how well flies do when they get stuck in water. Hell even if we can force it down to the islands, I think we'd be in better shape - at this rate even the Eva's wont be able to do much with their load outs against something that stays in the air."

N24 Lazar

As the newly activated Eva impacts the ground and slides to a halt, the glowing blue lines across it's frame quickly flash blood red, before returning just as quickly to the original glowing blue, as the Eva's systems boot up.

Lazar's image in the HUD, when it returns, is much colder. He sits, seemingly staring at the controls in his hands, instead of into the screen, and no hint of the happiness from before remains within his now soulless eyes. When he speaks, his voice contains an alien inflection instead of his previous accent, "AbanDon Me... LeAve Me... KiLl All... DesTroy The BetrAyer..."

The Eva, from the outside, turns it's head, searching for a place to connect the power connector, while bringing a wave of invisible energy crashing down onto the ground around it.


"Hawk three continue to circle the drop site for now, will advise momentarily..."
"Someone check if we have open communications with the pilot!"

"Alright Cobra it looks like you're out of air to air, Fall back to the Kirishima and have them equip you with a complete Air to Air load out including Alram's."
Johann adds seeing that cobra was the one aerial force on this mission outfitted mostly for ground.

"Bishop, Rook, triangulate with Unit eight as soon as she's ready and follow her lead."

"Viper, Python get yourself some distance and circle around - be ready for an attack run as soon as we update you but we need you to keep distracting that thing until everyone is in place. Good luck and god speed,"

"Amanda, operations will be linking system's with you to continue our attack run's - Bishop and Rook are ready to follow your lead. Viper and Python squadrons are preparing an attack run, hopefully we can keep it distracted until everyone's in position for us to do some real damage." Johann adds temporarily muting his end.

"Alright, alright no sense blaming each other - Bradley, will we be able to deploy Hawk three's payload eventually at this rate? If not and we can reach Hawk three's payload - could you guide them through a manual ejection procedure?"
And unfortunately by that, Johann had this visual of an Eva kicking open the door of a massive cargo plane and then sliding out. Johann also had a look on his face that he was contemplating a third alternative that probably had to do with a low altitude run where the crew and Eva emergency evacuate and use Hawk three as an impromptu missile.

Amanda Loup-Archambault

As Unit 08 finished starting up, Amanda gauged her proximity to the nearest MSS and sighed, making a mental note to verbally abuse the pilot for dropping her off target. Still, it wasn't too bad. Grasping the controls, she began to move the Eva into position to connect to the Mobile Support Structure's umbilical, keeping her Eva turned so that she had a clear view of the target as she painted the glowing red core with her Markerlight Array. "Alright, painting the target's Core... Rook, Bishop - Aim for the core if you can."


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