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actually, now that I remember, when we started this game over a year ago, we all started out with 5xp and an Advance. And I've given out Ruben, you should have 10xp and two advances.

Character sheet has already been applied to the game, man. You should find it in the GM screen.

Doh, dere it is....

Alright, you are in Dalsetter on your way through. You have heard the tales of heroism of a quartet who let a group of refugees from the town of Dunross after that town was overrun by an unnatural plague of rats, both normal sized and some the size of dogs. Your curiosity piqued of their story, and more importantly, why rats would overrun a town, you set out in the morning to track them down. You soon found where they were staying, but to your dismay, they had left for the morning. Resolutely, you tracked them, through word of mouth, to the mayor. As you approached the mayor's home, a young lad comes running up, knocks on the mayors door. From your vantage point, you hear him explain to the mayor's servant about Farmer Penda opening his flour sheds to help feed the hungry, and that he and the saviors of Dunross are heading to the warehouses.

The boy disappears inside the mayor's house, leaving you alone on the street.

Awesome. Posted an IC post and tried to move Aife in the proper direction. And the name at the top is her current alias.

So, quick question, does anyone know of a nice set of Viking/Norse/Hellfrost themed playing-cards?

A thread on the PEG forums a while back mentioned these.

Somebody in Iceland makes these, but there's no preview of the images on the cards, alas.

That's all a brief bout of research turns up for me.

I saw another image of the Nordic Gods cards with some of the cards laid out, but the vantage point sucked.

Any arttists in the midst want to draw up a Hellfrost playing card deck? And maybe a good Cthulhu deck?

Oh man, I can't wait to jump into the action. I can't believe I passed up a chance to play in this game earlier. You guys are a fantastic crew and Hellfrost looks very, very fun.

Yeah, I am very glad I stepped up and took the reins. Very good crew, and it has been a blast. Action will begin shortly.

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