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Tricky little pests! I guess I'm glad I raised my Fighting die, though of course I had a better chance of acing with the d4. Sounds like I might need it....

In case you didn't pick it up from the other thread TK, I'll be away for a few days so no posting from me

Yep, I got ya, Derebar. I'm just waiting for Jason's action. I'll poke him. If I don't hear from him by Sunday, I will take liberties with his actions.

And Hopefully we can hold out until Ferguth can use his fire breath.

This is really turning out to be a tense and cinematic situation... I love it!

Obviously, Rindilnir wants to grab Mother Agnes as we pass by... Should I factor in a -2 MAP for this rounds actions?

And the excitement keeps going! Both significant NPCs rescued! (I never liked the mayor much anyway.... :-) But what's this mysterious goo they're spreading from the barrels?

Before the rat's next roll, let me point out that Serin's Parry score is currently 7, not 5, thanks to his earlier casting of boost trait (Fighting). I've added a "temporary conditions" line to the stat block to reflect situations like this, or future bouts of nausea or whatever.

Originally Posted by TatteredKing View Post
The mysterious goo you can tell from the smell...lamp oil
Oh, #%&@!

It'll be a hot time in the old town tonight....


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