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Yeah, I meant to say that the mob of refugees should set off toward Dalsetter, behind the messengers, only turning around for Aslov if dire news came back. But the post was already way too wall-of-text-y, so I didn't notice I hadn't been clear. Sometime tomorrow I'll try to stick in an edit to better establish that point.

Gah. Final rehearsals for Hamlet (I'm Player King, First Gravedigger, a couple of mob members, and one aspect of the Ghost), which opens Thursday. My brain may not be running on until cylinders until we get this show safely on its feet.

its all good, man.

OK, so it seems like everyone is on the same page that you are not going to leave the refugees to fend for themselves. If time is of the essence, you know that a little flour isn't going to do much for people's hunger until they have time to make it into bread. People won't starve in the time it takes you to get to Dalsetter. Varn, the woodsman, will know that your primary concerns are going to be the cold, and water. Water shouldn't be an issue, but eating snow to get water isn't a good thing to do.

As people are starting off on their own, time is of the essence.

Yeah, I figured we could make a roux or something, out of the flour and found (deer?) fat. Not terribly clean, not at all tasty, but one way of quickly conveying calories. Just how starved were the populace before we arrived? We know they'd run out of food, but they hadn't yet seized the warehoused grain, for example. Perhaps I'm imagining a more emaciated crowd than actually exists.

Serin agrees with Rindilnir that we need to get moving. That'll move us away from the rats, and keep people warm -- I worry about how many bodies may be left on the ground after camping overnight....

I second Ory's question... how many people are we dealing with and how close to starvation are they.
In any case, I would be against cannibalizing the wagon... we would have to carry the infirm as well as the remaining flour. I doubt that the refugees of Dunross could eat Dalsetter's winter flour stock in just a couple of days and if they do we should skip Dalsetter and head straight for Aslov. If we show up with a bunch of fat refugees who just snatched the bread from Dalsetter's children's mouths, I can't imagine we would find any love or grace there.

Anybody want to chip in thoughts about the tasks at hand? Varn's not really the 'speeches' type; he's more likely to try and lead by example. What do we think we want to try and achieve with the townspeople?

You guys are having too much fun figuring out how to handle the refugees. I can't just handwave it away and say you are already at Dalsetter. Hehehe. Besides, plenty of opportunity for more experience here.

Seriously, you don't need to roleplay it all out. Give me a plan on what you want to do and I'll move on to the night evening.

Whaaa!!! Massacre!?! LOL

Yeah lets get the refugees to the Eriksen farm, get a fire going, see what we can scavenge from the abandoned home, hopefully some pots we can melt snow in and if we are really lucky some olive oil and salt so we can make some flatbread.

On a side note: Ory, how is Hamlet going?

Well, I hope... do they still say "break a leg!"

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