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Ah OK, I couldn't figure out what the negatives were for, but. from where you are about 3" from the center of the swarm.

If you look at THIS MAP, the yellow circle is six inches in diameter. From you to the other side of the rat swarm is 6". No range penalties.

TK, Adelbar should be at 0 wounds now, after Roo just healed him, yes? Your stats block post still shows him with 1 wound.

Yes, it'll show up next time I post. Sorry if I'm slow lately, different work schedule makes posting slightly more difficult.

I will be travelling next week W-Sat. I will have internet access, but I can't guarantee I'll log in.

I'm gonna be out of town from Wednesday to Saturday or Sunday. Might have time to post, likely not.

For those that celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and safe travels if you are out on the road.. Four day weekend for this girl, YES!!!!

For those that don't, just have a great day!

So, everyone recovered from the holidays?

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