Non Sequitur

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I win!

No need to be rude ask and thou shall receive, well... not from me!

~runs with... whatever it is we're fighting for!

(pulls the real treasure, cunningly stashed away beneath his velour smoking jacket, while magent dashes off with a plastic counterfeit)...
At least you didn't get...The Win!

Suddenly, Danny has a heart attack, and the trophy falls off a cliff and into my hands seemingly by accident. I look down at my totally-not-suspicious notebook with the words "DannyTorrance, has a heart attack and drops the trophy off a cliff and into Edrobot's hands" written in it. I mumble something along the lines of "exactly as planned..."

AH, but you forget my extra two lives! One of which pulls his own notebook from the aforementioned smoking jacket, and jots down: edrobot, prostrate spontaneously crystalizes and explodes due to a freak combination of chemicals in his drinking water and a normal student diet laden with preservatives.
What's this, buried in the messy remains of poor ed? Why,'s my win! I must have just misplaced it. I'll just wash this off and it'll be right as rain.

Mordae arrives, casually separates Danny from the win, and inspects the latter for a moment. Finding it to be remarkably worthless, he briefly pauses to consider locking the thread, but then gets bored and drops the win on the floor behind him.

As the discarded win drops to the floor, bedlam erupts as dozens of crazed gamers dive for the prize. Above the din, Danny shrieks out provocatively: "WIN FIIIIIIIIIIGHT!"

Allow me to retort:

Your tiger blood won't keep me from taking the win, SpaceChrist!

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