Netland III: Corruption of LOL

Netland III: Corruption of LOL

So yeah, let's just continue where we left off

Impfireball: Will throw the wrench at the first moving thing he sees. Will shoot at said moving thing if said wrench doesn't pass through.

Impfireball: 6

Someone enters the room, and you instinctively toss the wrench at the movement. It strikes a man in a red-tinted doctor's labcoat and a big backpack, killing him. You notice a large man with a really, really big brass minigun behind him.
Enraged, the minigun-wielding man begins shooting at you!

Roll to dodge: 1

The massive bullets penetrate the outer layers of your armor with only some difficulty. There's a good chance you might get seriously injured if you don't stop getting shot.



"F***, I thought I was done with this place."

Davis jumped off the bridge into the water, and made his way into BLU base from the sewer. Only an idiot would go in from the front, that's suicide. Inside he unslung his cut down
Saiga, and began looking for his old teammates.

EvilJoe15: Enter the BLU base through the sewer
Impfireball(GM'd): Duck behind the Engineer's machinery.

Eviljoe: 1

You jump down into the water and enter the BLU sewers, looking out for defenses in the tunnels.

You hear a voice behind you.
You look behind you and see the Medic, with an enlarged head and a very odd posture.

Impfireball: 6

You run over to the turret gun, pick it up off the ground, and carry it back over to the man who is shooting at you.

"OOH NOOOO," he yells, as the sentry mows him down with high-caliber bullets and a rocket. Unfortunately, you are knocked over by the recoil.

"Big head means big target."

"My sewer now, b****!" Davis shouted, double tapping Medic with his shotty.

Why don't you use [dice] tags?

Impfireball(GM'd): Wait for the Engineer to return

Eviljoe: 6

You blast the medic a few times in the head with your shotgun. He dies. Wewt.

Impfireball: 4

The Engineer returns, noticing the dead bodies and his overturned sentry. "Huh. Good job son. Now help me get this sentry back where it belongs..."

You help the texan return his turret gun to an upright position.

Umm... Hello? Anyone here?

I'm here, but I don't think Imp knows you restarted the game.

Originally Posted by EvilJoe15 View Post
I'm here, but I don't think Imp knows you restarted the game.
Then post an action. :|

Oh right...

Davis takes Medic's bonesaw, then heads up to the foyer.

"Yeah, I did a good job. You're damn right I did good. Now, can you tell me where the hell I am?"

Rifle is at the ready - will shoot anything else that moves.


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