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Bob has to make a Will save of his own when confronted with the unexpectedly warm embrace of his teammate. "Is that your Rod of Lordly Might, or are you just happy to see me?" she jokes before nocking an arrow and sending it flying at...

armored figure with a helmet resembling a cobra head. The arrow goes through the space between the armor plates, and downs him, but his buddies don't look too happy about it. They all decide to...

...a column of 78 Mammoth Tanks circle the bears, the beholder, the armored figure with a cobra head and our jigging adventurers. A few hummingbirds fly away in panic, but the flying bear snatch one and eat his head, while the beholder petrify a two of them with his stare down. And yet, there is still a dozen of cute hummingbird flying away when the Mammoth Tanks mercilessly open fire, destroying all of them save one brave hummingbird who's able to pass the barage, leaving only a few feathers in his wake. He promptly fly away toward...

gather his Ha'tak fleet for attack. The Goa'uld System Lord is infuriated that someone would dare have the insolence to arrive on his planet and accept worship from his people!

With a booming, stereo-like voice he commands his armies "Jaffa! Kree!"
Turning to his First Prime, the glowing-eyed being decked in Greco-Roman finery orders, "Send a detachment to the planet to capture these intruders. They will pay for their hubris. For when they are within my grasp, I shall..."

...make them eat their own innards!!!"
The loyal
First Prime, fearing for his own innards, quickly follows the orders of his mad god-king, even though he finds the consequences quite harsh.
One hour and six minutes later, he is standing in front of the adventurers with their flying bear, and...

he instantly falls in love with...

Unfortunately, Bob the Wizard has recently fallen in love (or perhaps lust) with Joslyn all of his own accord. He challenges the First Prime to a duel of wits. The question is, ...


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