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Morty the fighter whispers to Freck: "20 GP that the Prime doesn't get the reference!"
To which Freck answers: "50 GP that Bob finishes as mashed potatoes, eh!"
Overearring this, Joff the Cleric asks them: "What reference?"

the two pretend not to know the cleric for now.

Suddenly the first prime gets this ---- faced grin on his face and answers...

A thunderstorm erupts. Lightning is flashing and thunder is booming as every runs for the safety of nearby buildings.

the intrepid heroes make their way in to the cheese factory, where they are faced by their nemesis, the great and powerful...

...Lizard Wizard who casts Blizzard! And his humongous dire-wolf mount, Fangorious Rex!

The cheezy rhymy-named villain starts off with the cliché line:
"Vell, vell, vell, gentlemen... you are just in time for ze unveiling ov my most diabolical mastermind plan yet! You are about to vitness..."

"The Richard Simmons Tapdance experience" The Lizard Wizard laughs, pulling the curtains away to reveal...

...a kobold with a candle on his head and a sign hanging from his neck that says " I is RiC-Hard Simmonses"....


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