How are you doing HP?
Are we rolling for wealth each lvl then adding +18?

For example: My starting wealth is : +1 (Occupation) + 1 (Ranks in Profession) +
Dice Roll: 2D4
d4 Results: 2, 3 (Total = 5)
1st lvl roll = 7
2nd lvl check: DC: 7.
Dice Roll: 1D20
d20 Results: 9
2nd lvl = 9. My wealth goes up +1 to '8'.
3rd lvl check: DC: 8.
Dice Roll: 1D20
d20 Results: 6
3rd lvl check = 6. Wealth stays the same at '8'.
4th lvl check: DC: 8.
Dice Roll: 1D20
d20 Results: 2
4th lvl check = 2. Wealth stays the same at '8'.
5th lvl check: DC: 8.
Dice Roll: 1D20
d20 Results: 15
5th lvl check = 15. It was more than +5 so my wealth goes up by 2 to '10'.

So my question is: am I starting with a wealth of: '10' + '18' = '28'?
Or is it just '+18'?

And I know I might hear some groans from the other PC's, but lets roll for HP!! Max at 1st, then let the dice fall where they may!!

1st lvl Tough: 10
Tough 2nd and 3rd lvl's:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 7, 7 (Total = 14)
Tough 2nd & = 14
Strong 4th and 5th lvl's:
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 1, 7 (Total = 8)
Strong 4th & = 8
+15 (Con Bonus)
+3 (Talent Robust)
Starting 5th lvl HP: 50hp

Sorry, should have made this more clear, you starting wealth is 18, I forgot to put max health, I shall do so now

Wealth reduction roll for Skeletal Reinforcement:
Dice Roll: 2D6
d6 Results: 4, 3 (Total = 7)
Wealth Reduction: New Wealth: 13-7= 6

Is it possible to purchase a Mastercrafted cyber-implant? Particularly the Bio-Weave (x2 regains Hp. Would a Mastercraft up the multiplyer?) As it stands, with Stamina (2hp instead of 1hp/lvl) and the Bio-Weave (x2), I would recover 4 Hp/lvl per night (20hp per day.) With a +1 mastercraft (x3) and +3DC to cost; +2 mastercraft (x4) and +6DC, or a +3 mastercraft (x5) and +9DC to base cost, I would regain 30hp, 40hp, or 50hp using the healing rules in D20. I wish to know if you'd allow it or are going to have a heartache about something like that.

Sleep will be limited, this is survival horror and there will be other ways to restore HP,spend your wealth on something more useful, like corn chips to bribe me

Got it!

After my high end purchases I'm left with '4' Wealth before I buy the Nightvison Optics/Eyes (DC: 19) I take '20' and get a '24' check. I get an automatic '-1' wealth because it's more than '15'. Now for the '-2D6' roll... come on Snake-Eyes!!

Dice Roll: 2D6
d6 Results: 6, 6 (Total = 12)
Wealth Deduction = 12

Well, that didn't roll quite as low as I expected, still, I got the items I needed. I'll add in any purchase DC 18 or below later tonight (stuff I would have gotten before reducing my wealth any)


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