Ooo, another question: app deadline? I will try to finish up Monday after I get home from work.

Kismet buys a Data Archive with cellular modem (purchase DC 36), and loses 2d6 points of wealth...

Dice Roll: 2d6
d6 Results: 3, 6 (Total = 9)

...and her wealth drops to +9

EDIT: Posted a link to the character sheet in the Applications thread

I'm officially starting the game, but character sheets are not required until you reach the Verdammung.

I've never played a game with the d20 system before and I'm finding creating a character sheet a little daunting. Any chance someone could point me in the right direction?

Sure, I can. Let's go step by step. You already have you're concept. I don't know, but have you already picked out your class(classes) that you want? It's a point-buy for stats, so, pick your class(classes), then we'll do stats. Feats will come after, then skills last as far as your 'character' goes. The cybernetic enhancments will modify aspects of each category, as will equipment, but they should come last. Then, after all that is done, you go back and 'tweak' anything you don't like or would like to see different. Sound good?

I was playing around with a d20 character generator online, and using your post to find my way around the rulebook, and I think I may have a halfway correct character sheet now.

1.) I think we're doing MAX HP, so you should have: 36 Hit Points.
2.) The point buy on Stats is 36 points + 1 advancement (i.e. +1 to one stat after you've picked them.) You've only used 18 points of your possible 36. This will affect how many skill points you get (your INT bonus) so I can't say on Skills.
3.) You'll get WG: Simple and 2 feats at first lvl. You'll get a bonus feat for each 2nd lvl of you're 2 classes (2 feats) and a feat at 3rd lvl. That's a total of 5 feats + WG: Simple. I think you have listed having 6. Wait, you get an Occupational feat don't you for Colonist? K, that looks alright.

That's all I see for now.

Ok, I knew we had max HP, but I didn't know what number max was... Fixed that, and used up my stat points (with 1 left over) and used the +1 advancement.

So now I need to update other stats (like saving throws etc) that are based on my main stats?

I'll have to look the sheet over when I get home from work. You went Smart 1st, then Fast? If so, skill points with a 12 Int are: 68 (40+10+6+6+6). It's in your best interest not to advance a skill half a rank, I know you want to, but so far you've for 5 half ranks (thats 5 +1's you could use on skills at the start of play!) So far so good. Be thinking of cybernetics.


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