For the purposes of continuing the game, would it be alright if I evicted you from the shuttle? I'm worried that too much prep time and not enough action time can lead to game death.

I'm ok with that, you have a fair point and I think transitioning out of "prep time" and into the meat of the game can be a bit of an awkward time for players.

Sorry, I didn't define the perimeter well. As there are basically 2 (3 if you count Kismit covering the rear) of us pulling security, think of a circle that is moving forward on the paper. Draw a line down the center from 12 o'clock down towards the 6 o'clock position but bend the line so it hits 5 o'clock. I have 12-5 o'clock, Kismit has 5-7 o'clock, and 20 has 7-12 o'clock. The perimeter moves forward as we move forward. Nothing comes into it without everyone's knowledge (meaning shout out when you see something!)

Also, Marc has his eyes shined (cybernetic enhancement to see in the dark).

Sorry, my anxiety has been up recently, I'm going to move the game forward now.

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