Ship AI

The CSS Verdammung, as with all vessels designed to harvest Unobtainium Type 4, is equipped with AI. The Verdammung has two different AIs. Both AIs are capable of the same tasks, but each mainly control different functions.

Name: DEB
Functions: Maintenance, Life Support, Communications, Unofficial Psychological Counseling
Gender: Female
Operating System: DEB is a semi-organic computing system. Using cloned nerves and brains, DEB is capable of human-like thought, personality, and reasoning, surpassing software and hardware restrictions. The rest of DEB is computerized hardware for accessing the ships functions.
Personality: DEB has been described as calm, gentle, and caring. Because of its personality, many crew member have turned to DEB as a friend and the AI has acted as a counselor for troubled crew.

Name: Doctor Worm
Functions: Engines, Navigation, Security, Data Processing
Gender: Male
Operating System: Doctor Worm is an experimental AI hardware system. The specifics of the system are classified, but Doctor Worm is capable of processing large amounts of data and turning it into complex evaluations and plans.
Personality: Doctor Worm, based on the last systems report received from the Verdammung, is apparently very unstable. Several major accidents are believed to have been caused by him and computers have been randomly showing cryptic or non-nonsensical messages. However, Doctor Worm, according to the report, was still performing its basic functions