My succubus can suppress her kiss ability if she wills and restore it at will right? that way she can give gluttony and other people hugs and kisses without the energy drain since it's like a supernatural ability and those can be at will kinda like fear aura for dragons and pit fiends

greetings fellow villains, I wonder how well Vladrick will fit in lol...the reluctant Villain that he is ...not saying he is un villainous, but he does have his reservations so to speak

*comes born in on a planquen heafted by his loyal servants* Lord Bile has graced you with his presence.

Perhaps a thread for character basics...As far as Character sheets go, these should probably remain private as it is not applicable to in game knowledge...right?

Well it would be nice to know who is best for what role like who makes the best face and who we should give our stuff to to have it repaired and what people like and dislike and such but I guess we'd find that out as we play and knowing that before hand would be silly.

that is the point of role playing lol...We should decide in character...this is simply how I like to do things...its all up to what the GM requires of course.

I'm willing to have Naturebane stat out my lv6 Cleric CE Human cohort for me. After all, I know he's growing in power, and like all good second in commands is plotting to find the perfect moment to strike me down and claim all my power for himself. Until the opportunity presents itself, he will serve to the best of his abilities, after all that way there is more to take once he is finally good enough to eliminate me. It does my shriveled black excuse for a heart good to know that such self serving cruelty is not dead in the world. I say this calls for a celebration. Bring out the roasted elven babies!


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