OK, shinigami? I don't need to beat a bluff check to know that you told me the wrong password, and I don't need to pass a bluff check to know that the random object you held up wasn't a chest brand made of pure malevolant magic. Bluff doen't work like that.

"hello everybody i will be unable to run the game for a while due to an earthquake knocking out power to my house i am fine and will continue to run this game ASAP"

your DM Naturebane.
dictated not read.

I am back

Thanks im fine couple broken glasses but thats the worst of it.
Hope you all are still good where ever you are.

Updated place information and major NPCs, are free to look at also added map and will be updated over the next few days (Map is in school which is in Central Business District which is one of the wost hit spots).


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