In Medias Res

I ain't no vampire! Not that you know.

"MY victims? You know nothing!", he hissed, angry color rising to his cheeks. His hand, almost skeletal in his appearance, made a sharp negating gesture. "I am cursed twofold, doomed to an eternity of constant distrust and hate! Should I roll over and present my neck, young man?", he asked with a mocking tone, raising his head to expose it. "I tell you this, and hold me by the goddess you hold oh so dear; I am no monster, nor killer. Nobody, not slave or free man, is free of subjugation, and I bid you remember that! The last he spat bitterly, dearly tired of the self-righteous "men of god". What did they know after all?


Andrei stares at the man's once-lifeless face, desperately wanting to ignore the color rising there. Vampires are lifeless creatures, on that all of Tiberiu's tales agree. But here it stands, a dull angry color suffusing that pale face.

The bloody arm drops, and Andrei shrinks back, the blow to his soul felt more keenly than any bodily blow ever could. Mirela!

"I..." he chokes on his own words, finally managing to rasp out, "...what are you?"

That..was a very good question. Daius certainly had his own suspicions, from the damned night! He would not think of that again, he'd sworn that. A necromancer? Just what he would need, more reason for these self-righteous fools to think him an enemy. Shaking his head slowly, he looked down upon the back of his hand, the left covered in the scars of Urgothoa's interest, the right flimsy, frail, old.. not like a few years ago. At length he looked back up at Andrei.

"A worthy question. Perhaps...yes, perhaps I am the inmate who has locked himself out of the cell of his past, and had the key stolen.", he rasped.

At any other time Andrei would have snorted in outright laughter at the evasion, but with his emotions still riding high all he could manage was a sharp exhale of breath. Andrei ducked his head as he replaced the black dagger into its sheath, the blade grating against its collar as if protesting the action. He paused for a moment, looking down at the pommel and the reopened wound on his palm, his mind immersed in emotion and memory.

When his eyes meet Daius' once more, the anger and hatred is gone, replaced with a slight chagrin and a heavy sadness. " apologies. It has..." He sighs, searching for the words. "Even before this," he waves a hand at the cavern to indicate their situation, "things have not been going... well." He snorts in a dark humor at the understatement. "...and you seem to be in the same general predicament." Andrei finishes with a meaningful look at the ruined side of Daius' face.

"A monster you may yet be... but I do you a disservice, for at the very least, you are caught here with us... and have made no show of force." Andrei says, pointedly not looking at the dagger he had just sheathed, as he raises a hand in - if not friendship, at least peace-making - "I am Andrei." ...and I will hunt you to the crown of the world if it was you.

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Ah, but if we squish everyone else, we'll have more consideration to get in!

Daius' pale hand clenched as memories of the last few years surged. This was hardly the first time he'd met with disgust, distaste...fear. He barely remembered the time he spent after...the event. They'd thought him mentally afflicted, which was true enough, but the curse of his body was beyond understanding. He'd been horribly alone then, after his other, youthful life had been just the opposite. The haze had been his life there, that and the comfort of the bottle.

"My...predicament. Yes.", he said, resisting the urge to reach to his face. Even after all this time, it still sent shudders through him as he felt the marred skin, saw the revolted stares. "I am Daius of no family. Suffice to say, things your own goddesses would scarce approve of take an interest to me, as you can see. I will say no more."

Andrei nods slowly, now noticing the tension in the man. He begins to speak, and then thinks better of it realizing his audience, the words tumbling out in an awkward halting sentence, "I think... I understand."

A moments uncomfortable silence, and then chagrin, as Andrei turns back to the Paladin... but still not leaving his back open to Daius. "My apologies, Lady of Light... er, Valeria. Is there an exit to this place?"

@shadow: How very Lawful Evil of you.

Activity, both physical and mental, cleared the mind somewhat and allowed you to assess your surroundings. Those possessed of rare intellect, wisdom or canny senses felt a peculiar sense of the familiar; your eyes were seeing things as if for the first time but something . . somewhere at the edges . . was telling you otherwise.

The cavern was huge, and upon examination made a perfect prison. At one end a gentle stream entered the chamber - the water appearing cool and clear - and then exited nearly a hundred feet distant. Both entrance and exit were blocked by a thick iron grate, some six feet across. The barrier seemed as solid and impenetrable as the surrounding rock.

No other obvious entrance . . or more importantly exit . . was visible.

As you gathered around it was clear that your captors . . for it was obvious that this was the situation . . were powerful indeed. That they didn't bother divesting you of your equipment indicated either the complete arrogance of those who felt untouchable . . or a subtle purpose to which you were as yet unaware . .

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As the three fought over there at the side of the cavern (Did i hear Pharasma's name? please not another of her worshipers, i had enough lectures from Malenya!) Miosil busied herself with examining the cavern's walls. she could sense no exit. a slight desperation, and a more pressing fear started to grip at her. Patience Miosil! there is some reason to this apparent madness. the last think you'd want is to lose your calm. and yet, despite the attempts at self persuasion, a shiver went through her.

Lym was still hiding in the shadows. content to over look. Miosil made her way towards the arguing people. one was bleeding, but seemed non concenred. another was in armor, the self proclaimed Paladin of Iomedae. We could use some light here! and the last... was the one who cast the light as well, covered in shadow.

Miolis Coughed. "i don't mean to disturb you, but i think we'll need all our combined wits to get out ofthis mess. we were all brought here, relatively unharmed. reason dictates that there must be some common thread running through us, maybe it could be our clue?"

Andrezi turned to look at the approaching woman, nodding at her in agreement. "That would certainly seem to be the case. The question is what could we all have in common. I'm quite certain if I had seen any of you before, I would remember someone. Perhaps we could have a shared enemy?" He looked around at others and paused for a moment, frowning slightly. "Although, saying that, I'm certain I don't have any enemies who would stick me in a cave but leave me otherwise unmolested. Much more likely I would be dead in a ditch."

He frowned again - deeper this time - and hooked both his thumbs into his belt. "Yes, the other important thing to consider is, why would anyone do this? Whatever the common thread between us, how does that turn into locking us inside an underground prison?"

"That's halfway to the right question." Aamir called to Andrezi, fighting down the anger at being completely ignored by the self-admitted magister, anger that wasn't just about being treated so rudely. He had a theory, had it handed to him by his subconscious whilst watching the situation unfold.

"It's not why. It's how. Not one of us seems to remember anything suspicious, or at least anything we thought to mention. Not one of us was dragged here unwillingly by thugs, not one has a wound from being truncheoned. And, not a one of us has any memory of drug, nor poison used against us. My last memory... Well, there's nothing I'd done that day that could have gotten me into such a quandary. So, with all logical explanation gone, only the illogical remains. And indeed, the magical arts do nothing if not defy the logic of reality. He paused, taking a second to let people consider what he was saying, but not long enough to reply. During the brief silence, he smacked a gauntleted palm against his thigh, calling his mutt to follow him.

"I see two sorcerously inclined people here, and none of us remember a jot. Indeed, it would seem we're even acting against our character, if indeed we do appear to be who we each are. Take our initiate, here. The paladin. She's said she's to take a man at his actions, when the crusaders of such causes are renown for their ability to see into the hearts of men, their intent. And take heed of our friend, the one who might well have slain the paleling. One moment, he's ready to strike down the man, the next he's clasping arms with him. But he reeks of undeath. I fear we may well be under some influence not our own." His face had gone dark, lips drawn thin, as he drew his gaze across the group.

"What we'd best ask, all of us, is who we are. Not where, or why. If we're to know we're not enemies, then we'd better know each other as friends." With that, he shifted his weight, unbuckling the massive shield after he rested it on the ground, a symbol of goodwill. At the same time, he gestured into the dark, and then barked a command to his dog.

"Seek" At once the animal ran into the dark, the snuffling sound of sniffing immediately coming from the shadows. "If there's anything out there, Viggy will find it. He's a good dog."


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