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You find yourself standing in a large dinning room, A rectangular table has 12 chairs lining each of the long sides with an elagently carved chairs at each of the heads. Torak sits at the far end of the room with two iron golems standing behind him there are five other people in the room.

Torak looks up slightly "Greetings my fellow villains as you know the forces of good have been growing stronger thus I have summoned you here to tend to the biggest cause of this and that is queen Nimune and the city of Wethras and the fact that you are the six most evil beings that can enter the city."

Vladrick continued staring at the Lich as if what he had just heard was either completely expected, or of no consequence to him. He would do whatever this mission was regardless of the cause or the effect. His arms remained folded over each other in front of him, his black gauntlets clenched tight as his grip became more intense. Those in attendance were not beings he would normally have alligned himself with, normally he would choose to work alone, but if this was in Nerul's plan, he would do whatever is required of him. Snuffing out the breath of any and every being he could was all that mattered to him, the thought of a life ending where the tip of his blade begins was more than enough insentive for the former Prince.

Sinestra was more than a 'curious' sort, even at first glance. Sitting at the table, with her feet crossed atop of it and her back leaned into the chair, she seemed entirely bare of clothing, armor, weapons or any garments whatsoever. Instead, her body bared three patches of shadowflame, two large orbs of flame covering each side of her chest, and a third collection of shadowflame 'burning' between her legs. The flames, dark and raging, obscured any sight of what specificly lay below but the wavering flames certainly did not leave anything to be imagined. She was a beautiful woman beyond mortal comparison, a strange shadowy miasma gently seeping from her skin as if gentle smoke rising from a smoldering fire.

Apparently unarmed and unarmored, her long raven black hair cascaded down the back of the chair near to the floor. Her look was curious but focused as she listened to the proposition of the wonderful lich sitting before her. Tapping her chin lightly she took in the gathered forces of evil around her... the heavily armored man certainly was curious to her, was he a dark kindred soul or perhaps something less... she would need to find out for certain.

"The city of Wethras... you will need to refresh me on the city... I'm not from this plane of existence... I'm not afraid to admit I know little of what you're talking about... other than, of course, the need to destroy these good little 'heroes'." she says with a haunting laughter that echoes through the chamber around them.

Gluttony stood behind Crystal since the chairs were too small to fit his massive body and axe. He looked at the lich and wondered how he would taste, but remembered what Crystal said to him and kept his mouth shut and let her do the talking. Crystal sat at the table and looked at the lich and sized him up. She thought she could seduce him like everyone else she met, but decided not to and instead leaned back into Gluttony's belly and used it as a pillow. Crystal's appearance seemed perfect as if she was sculpted by some kind of master painter. Her cleavage could be seen through her bright, red, plunging neckline shirt, and even though she was sitting cross legged her short, black, pleated skirt left little to the imagination. Her red pointed tail poked out of the back of the chair and she wrapped it around Gluttony's leg. Her two small horns just poked out from under her black hat with a white fur trimming. The hat made it look like she was an angel with a demon's features since the black hat blended with her hair leaving the white circle as a 'halo'. Her cape went over the chair and was a bright crimson color which contrasted nicely with all the black she wore. Her forearms were covered one in a black silk glove the other in a bright red silk glove they had the fingers cut off to show off her well manicured nails. Her feet were covered in black and red striped stockings that poked out above her black boots that looked like they were perfectly shined for the occasion. Crystal held her tongue though, since she felt that her questions would be asked and answered in due time.

Lord Bile sat regally as Torak greeted them, and then the lady asked a question. Reasonable true, but he had hoped to speak first. Clearing his throat loudly, he straightened his collar. For this occasion, he had dressed up in his upper-class guise. Wearing a fine velvet vest over a silken shirt, silken breaches, long socks, well polished buckled shoes, and fine silk gloves he looked every bit the minor noble, a fact aided by the silver ring set with a notable ruby on his right middle finger. The only thing out of place was the medallion he wore, a depiction of a scorpion with its tail threaded through a human skull. "Torak, let me first say that it is a pleasure to be here in the presence of one of the most evil beings on the face of this plane. My Lord understands you're a bit of a free agent when it comes to trafficking in the lower planes. The last, and sadly so far only, time you called upon my master's aid, well lets say the temples destruction was a success and leave it at that. When you called me here, my master had hoped it was to reach a new agreement; he rather enjoyed bargaining with you. However as you have called other dark powers here, I can assume that there is a reason you are not simply rallying one force against the might of Wethras, but assembling six of us. I must say, it amuses us, but we wish to know the reason. Now."

Torak grins expectantly "Lord Bile you see history has taught me one thing the fact that our major flaw is the fact that evil in generally sticks out on its own then the heroes of the week show up and he or she meets a horrible fate but Queen Nimune is doing something far worse, with her history with Bahamut and Krod she is attempting to merge the abyss with the nine hells and then use some sort of planar destroying spell. before you ask why i dont just roll up with my army and take care of her well the island is warded so that no powerful evil entity could enter her domain but some minor could rise to power and then remove her. Some of you maybe thinking about the reward well in short name it and if i cant help you with it then my associates will. So whats your plan" as he rests back in his chair

Sinestra's haunting laughter stops as Torak mentions the plan of this insane Queen, her expression darkens as she looks around the room at those present...

"Bridging planes... she's going to merge the Hells with the Abyss... that would start a war the likes of which even I have never seen... this woman is mad! The conflict would spill over into the material plane, even if she did severe the planar fabric to effectively destroy the mundane link between this world and the infernal realms. She must be stopped."

Pausing to look at each person around the table individually, she pulled her feet from atop the table and sat properly even if her noble exterior was tinted by the simple fact that she was in fact naked, her bits covered by supernatural shadowflame.

"It would seem that my powers being drained and spent from my escape will serve a purpose in this. How... fortunate." looking to each person present she continued. "My name is Sinestra, The Dark Goddess from the Realm of Dread. A pleasure... I take it you all find this mad-woman's plan to be as reprehensible as I?" she asks curiously.

since the beginning of the conversation, Arthrik has sat quietly, betraying no emotion, his black hood covering his face.

The second that lord Torak speaks of a reward Arthrik breaks his silence, harshly interrupting Sinestra's question with his raspy voice.

"I want the children. I want all of them. I want the entire population of Wethras under 8. Or at least, as many as can provided."

Vladrick kept a stone face, void of emotional or virtually any response. He looked to the other evils that Torak had summoned gauging their responses to his words, they were still meaningless to him, he was here to complete whatever task Nerul had instore for him. How Nerul felt this mission was worthy of his representation was beyond him. A binding of the nine hells and the abyss wouldn't effect the after life in the slightest, even if they were destroyed. They had no souls and would in turn grant Nerul no power. The only place he saw even the slightest insentive for the God of Death was in the many lives that would be lost on both sides...war was always more profitable than steathy would obviously be his job to make certain as many lives were lost as possible. He drank the red liquid from his flask and remained deathly silent. He wondered silently what stake an undead being such as Torak would have in the abyss or the Nine hells...It amused him to know that he knew nothing and not to care either way. As long as he still drew breath he accepted the fact that he would remain a neutral bystandard...when he finally died perhaps then he would be able to summon the ability to give a damn...

"I see. I'm Crystal Demmon from the Abyssal Plane, and I'm a succubus as you can see. The big guy behind me is my body guard, Gluttony, his axe weighs approximately 640 lbs and has been known to slay 10 humans in a single slash. I must say this combining of the hells and the abyss is rather interesting. I don't know rather to lament that my beloved home will be destroyed or rejoice that the Succubus Queen I despise so much will be dead. Looks like I'll just have to go with you guys and stop this delusional Queen. Maybe I'll find some good aligned nations to burn down along the way and finish with this Queen. I'd love to light her entire place up and force her to watch while she's tied to a steak. Then I'll light her on fire and Gluttony can eat her afterwords."Gluttony's ears perked up at this as he shifted around uneasily and seemed to mutter "You mean I can eat them!?" Gluttony's voice was a combination of many voices almost as if the souls of the people he consumed were speaking along with him. Crystal looked up at Gluttony and smiled as if to tell him sure you can eat them.


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