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Looking back and forth between everyone speaking, her eyes stay on Arthrik for a moment as she shrugs. Her mind doesn't immediately think horrible thoughts regarding his wish, after all there were plenty of reasons to want a small army of children. It's much easier to train a task force of labor to help rebuild an empire after all.....

Paying an appraising look to Crystal, and then ever so briefly a glance to Gluttony, the nude seemingly-serious woman with the selectively-immolating body taps her chin thoughtfully. "That's an awfully full confession Miss Crystal. In the interest of trust..." she pauses to lean back in her chair before continuing.

"As I mentioned I'm not from this plane of existence. I was, a short time ago, the Goddess of Darkness in my pantheon. I'm now here in your world. My specialty is in War, Diplomacy and of course... all things darkness. The Undead, the Hells, the Abyss... all are welcome things to me and I wield them equally." she gives Crystal a nod before looking to Torak.

"My price is simple... power. Either the restoration of all of my power or simply the progression of the power I have now. I will stake my claim to land and armies once my power is solidified once more."

Lord Bile sneers a bit at the woman's claim to divinity. Something beneath his shirt moves and crawls, pulsating a bit. Once it stops, he smiles, a mockery of a smile but a smile none the less. "Very well. For payment, my master demands all research on the planar merging spell. All of it. Including the final product. In exchange, you will have the full support of our order. We may be only three months old, but on our first try we almost destroyed a city of equal size to Wethras. Perhaps some of you from this plane have heard of the misfortunes of Heinsdorf? Rats in the granaries, plague, murder, the walking dead, besieged by 'Hexxites' and 'Nerulians'? Hundreds dead, hundreds more wounded or crippled for life. It was a lot of fun. If it were-not for the actions of some young priest of Pelor that enabled him to discover us somehow and rally the forces of the Gods in that city, it would probably be in ruins by now. I'd say for our mastery of sabotage information on the spell is a small price to pay."

"ahh some good times remember that Paladin that got tied up to the church spire then it was fired out of a ballista. Any way what are your plans to take the city and remove the mad queen from her throne? oh and one more thing i wish to point out with nimune still ruling she will bring about an ever lasting peace and the horrable thing about it is that only peaceful beings live."

"War and Diplomacy you say? Sounds like we have similar methods to achieve similar goals. I remember when I came to this plane this poor little village was just ripe for the picking. I took the best of the best from there and burned the place down and moved on to the capital of the nation. The king there was said to be a brutal tyrant and pleaded with me for his life. I laughed at him and said 'I'm no hero. Just promise me you'll give me your army to kill the Succubus Queen when the time is right.' In fact, I encouraged him to rid this world of the week scum that my boot finds itself covered in and Gluttony's belly full of. I wanted a 'gesture of good faith' and the look on his face when I asked him to kiss me was hilarious he was all 'You..the most beautiful woman I've ever seen want to kiss an ugly toad like me?' I kissed him and the deal was set in stone. Many other kings like him soon followed behind me the good ones I eliminated and replaced with evil ones. I've lost track of how many nations follow behind me needless to say it must be quite a bit for me to be summoned here with y'all. As for plans, I could seduce her body guard then someone can sneak up on him and kill him when he's vulnerable. As for this Queen Nimune, I don't know women arn't easy for me to seduce. I could suggest that she was interested in women and assuming she went along with it seduce her then follow the same procedure as her body guard. Any other ideas are welcome, however." said Crystal. She didn't seem to mind telling everyone about herself. It was as if she didn't care or wanted to get rid of any insecurities anyone would have working with a person like her. She seemed to be almost certain that she could seduce anyone she pleased anytime she pleased.

Vladrick was slightly amused with the posturing taking place here. Never before had he seen a room filled with individuals so blantantly avoiding a question just to brag of their past accomplishments. Once again he wondered what place Nerul intended him to have here...his hands clenched tightly, the only expression one could see clearly of his inner termoil. His face was still bereft of any emotion, nothing aside from his slight and otherwise unnoticeable hand gestures giving away his true annoyance.

"AH yes, you have legions of nations bowing to your will, men treble at your name, clerics cry out in fear to their gods at the mere though of you, and you could snuff the sun with a word. Did that cover it all, or are there other lofty claims you'd like to claim?" Lord Bile asked mockingly. When dealing with demons, the appearance of power was often more important than real power. "If you truly had such things, you would simply use your 'vast armies' to bowl over the city. As for your plan of seduction, the Queen and her bodyguard are steeped in holy power. If you were a incubus it might be possible; I wouldn't doubt you if you were a lilitu. Put you are not one of the Dark Prince's tempters, not one of the Malcanthet's favorites, you're just a succubus. Powerful yes, but hopelessly outclassed." Squaring himself up again, he turns once more to their impressive host. "You have to understand how I make plans. I need to see and touch my surroundings. I need intelligence about how the city works, what the peoples assumptions are, who can be used, who can't be, what's vital, and what's abandoned. Especially what's abandoned, it's usually more important than the palace. After all, everyone knows where the palace is, but how many know the location of all the old warehouses? The ruined and abandoned homes? Such things are needed to start, oh yes indeed. And to get them, you need a local."

"Well, There is another claim I'd like to make..." Crystal hid behind Gluttony and scuffled around in her bag and pulled out a small kit with various makeups and other accessories for disguise. Crystal emerged from behind Gluttony disguised as Lord Bile [ROLL]
Dice Roll: 1d20+25
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 45)
[/ROLL](<-Disguise Check) She got out from behind Gluttony and sat back down. "I'm you. Pretty clever disguise, eh?"

"Not quite. Tell me all three passwords and show the identifier." Lord Bile asked, amused.

Vladrick was somewhat impressed with Lord Bile's assessment and questioning, this mission was not completely hopeless after all, but then came the posturing from the succubus once again. He looked to the Lich and staring directly into what should have been his eyes, with as little uneasiness as he could muster given that the lich seemed to have no eyes, he smirked, a faint twitch at the corner of his lips was all that betrayed his nerves. "This bolstering and posturing is meaningless to myself and my patron's designs...If we could come to an agreement of some sort of order here, we would like to continue discussing the mechanics of the mission at hand." Glancing to the succubus and the others one after the next he finsihed setting his gaze upon the Lich. "You called us here, you arranged the place, the time, and the topic...You have told us what you wish to be done, but you have yet to reveal what your part will be in this fantastic assault you have dreamed up. Frankly, I have grown weary of games and claims...I would appreciate a degree of pragmatism involved in this chaotic spree of mindlessness, save the clarity of mind possessed of few in attendance." His gaze went to Lord Bile and he nodded his head in accordance to his exclussion from his previous statement. "Should this be something beyond your capabilities good lich- i use the term as loosly as possible I assure you- I would suggest we come to terms and set a true plan of action, or we shall excuse our self from this hen house and be on our own way." His use of refering to himself in terms of "Us, we, and our" was making clear that he was not here simply representing himself, but also the will of Nerul as his experience with the God of Death dictates.


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