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"agreed, enough of this" said Arthrik, "to business, we should construct our plans and move the first pawns into place. But first, what of my request?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+19
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 28)
<-Bluff check for the passwords "Your passwords are Blood, Bile, and Blasphemy. As for your identifier..." Crystal hid behind Gluttony again and mumbled a few incoherent words and made some hand gestures. She spent a bit of time and used her best guess as to what the identifier was
Dice Roll: 1d20+19
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 36)
<-Bluff check for what the thing looks like. "It's right here. Told you, I'm you." Crystal was amused playing this little game with Lord Bile but knew she at least looked more like him physically than he did with her disguise, and if he didn't know such deep and probing questions about himself he would have probably doubted his own existence and thought she was him.

"Oh be silent demon! there is a serious task at hand," rasps Arthrik. "we see your skills of deception and you need not prove yourself further!"

"Yes, it's obvious you're a failure. The passwords were wrong, and as for my identifier." he said, standing up. Undoing his shirt, he revealed his brand, it's dark energy a palpable force of evil and destruction, a mockery of the forces of light. The fact that it exists is repulsive, let alone the brand itself. It was somthing no normal spell of disguise could even hope to mimic. "As for our task, I have yet to see why it should be 'our'. After all, my cult almost destroyed a similar city, and we've learned from our mistakes."

OOC: you have to roll sense motive to cancel my bluff or you can't say that kind sir You just get a +20 bonus if my bluff is completely unbelieveable. I could hold up a paper plane as an 'identifier' and you'd still have to check. Bluff allows you to tell someone their pants are on fire but if they obviously arn't they just get the big +20 bonus to reject it. for even more about bluffs and how they work Odds are you'll beat the password one but the identifier one will be close .

"It's our because, Let's face it we share a common enemy, and I highly doubt this city is as week as the one your cult almost destroyed. This city is probably fortified to the teeth with lots of ballistas and catapults to prevent just such a mass invasion, or maybe this ward that prevents Torak from entering also prevents mass scale invasions. My theory is this: We've been called here because only a small force like the one gathered here can bypass the defenses and get into the city." said Crystal a little taken back by Lord Bile suggesting she 'failed'.

OOC: sorry, but do you mind avoiding neon pink text? its a bit hard on the eyes.

"your theory was proven a few minutes ago by our host" Arthrik said, mildly annoyed at Crystal's immaturity.

"I do not believe we can face assault the queen directly, at least not at first and I agree with lord bile, the best way to capture the city would be to subtly infiltrate it and over a period of months erode it from the inside."

"Oh the plauges we can spread. The false enemies we can have them waisting their spells to find. Starvation, arson, the unleashing of monsters. much time do we have before she casts the spell?" Lord Bile asks, redoing his shirt as he sits down.

"I asked that but a moment ago, cleric"

Arthrik is starting to get slightly annoyed by the bizarre lack of concentration among the odd collection of over clothed hooded guys and under clothed demon/dark god girls.

"Ah sorry, whoever you are. I got caught up in visions of womens faces melting off, I didn't hear you ask. My appologies Ser...?"

"Arthrik, my name is not well known. And you are Lord Bile. I accept your apology."

I mean, come on, a guy tries his hardest to be grim and evil, but whenever he asks an extreemly relevant question no one is listening, and a few seconds later some other guy who hasn't been listening asks the very same thing.

It will not be easy for Arthrik to work with these hyperactive asylum inmates but its the only way he is going to get the children.


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