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Listening silently she shakes her head at the madness going on around her. Sure she was sitting there dressed in nothing but flames, but she easily thought herself and her manner of attire sane and normal. After the silly displays, threats and posturing Sinestra shakes her head and sighs, waving a dismissive hand at everything.

"Fun and silliness can happen when the job is done. For now, a plan can only be simple. We depart and enter the city proper under disguises. We observe the city and it's people, observe the Queen and her bodyguard, we determine the right time and place to strike at her and if necessary, the best method by which to strike. This is of course, assuming she isn't going to cast this spell of hers in the next few days..." she pauses at that...

Crystal decides to end her fun and change back to her original form that she came here in. "Sounds like a plan to me. I'll try to cut the stupid tricks when we're on mission. I just enjoy messing with people it's so fun. I remember when I last played chess with a worthy adversary...Ahh, Good times too bad he couldn't resist my charm and I was able to lure him into making a bad move so I could win otherwise he would of beaten me." Crystal enjoyed talking about messing with people. It was one of her favorite pass times.

Torak leans ford in his chair "Due to the reaty of the one of the major spell components you have 2 years but there could be more time if you can intercept it. You will also be given a very basic base and 4 orcs as these are the only things we have gotten past the wards and there will be a brief weakness in the wards and thats when you can be sent."

That's not enough time to slowly erode the country from within. We will have to focus on a direct assassination attempt. Not my area of expertise.

"What if you just remove the shipment then you have two things to your advantage one time and two the spell component"

"We don't have to erode the whole country, just the city's power-base and stability. And i don't think you understand how much damage we could do in two years. We could probably wipe out most of the temples in just six months, let alone two years. The damage overall would be terrible. It would be unspeakable. It would be perfect." Lord Bile said, smiling a smile of shear delight.

Arthrik hid his slight embarrassment at having misheard 2 years as 2 months. It wasn't hard, one of the infinite advantages of hooded life.

"Agreed, Lord Bile. However Torak is correct, our first priority should be to intercept the spell component."

"So then it's settled we'll stop this shipment then pillage the city. Since it does us no good if they can sneak the component in then cast the spell while we're trying to pillage the city. Best to stop the shipment first that way they can't cast the spell at all. I do assume that they're savvy to this fact, so they probably have the shipment under heavy guard. Perhaps too heavy of guard leaving the town exposed. Peradventure we split up into two teams one stops the shipment the other gets a jump on the pillage. That's just what I've gotten so far let me know what y'all think about it." says Crystal.

Sinestra taps her chin thoughtfully, her feet resuming their position atop the table as she had clearly grown to relax a little more now that people were talking seriously about the issue at hand. Perhaps, she thought, that this would all work out after all.

"Seizing the spell components should be our first priority. While two years is a long time, time does pass very quickly when you've having fun toppling a nation. However... we shouldn't split up so soon I say. After all, I would rather get to know each of you, see you all in the midst of combat..." she says folding her arms across her bare chest. "Once the shipment gets interupted they will know forces are at work against them. Once we have the components, we'll store them in this... base... and move onto causing havoc and destruction amongst this rule of 'law'." she says amidst a scoff.

Vladrick could not even attempt to supress a chuckle, though it was short lived. "You all make it seem as if it will be so easy to take on a queen and her kingdom. So you believe that we shall simply stop her shipment?" His question being obviously retorical he continued without missing a beat. "All I hear is what we should do and not enough of how we should do it...So our great plan is, after being brought to this table together, is to seperate forces and see how each individual fairs in their own way? If it were so easy don't you think that our gracious host would have spoken with us seperately? I know we are believed to be the virtual scum of the earth, evil incarnet and all that...But does that require us to be so self absorbed that we think ourselves powerful enough to simply state a plan of action and give it our best go, each to their own?" Then he turned to his host and offered a single scoff, as if no others existed in the room but the two of them.

"Is this your great plan? To summon those who you deem fit to carry out your wishes but offer no plan of action? have you not thought your own plan through beyond this meeting? I feel this has been not more than a waste of my, and my master's time. We do not run a fool's errand, though death is my ultimate goal, I intend to live long enough to slay as many cattle as I can before I reach that day. If this queen is powerful enough to summon the will to combine two planes of existance filled with such ancient and benevolent powers as the abyss and the nine hells, and then destroy them...She would not be one to underestimate...If we intend to live through this mission." Vladrick's fists were clenched throughout his entire speach, but his face remained empty of any true emotions, and his voice was void of any anger or mocking tone. He remained calm, and even toned...void of any and all emotion, simply speaking in a matter of fact way, as if he truly didn't care either way, and was simply speaking on another's behalf, like a lawyer fighting a case that has already been lost and just deciding to go with the motions. But his eyes also gave meaning to his speach, letting all know that he was not as arrogant and foolish as the words that fell from their mouths. He was an agent of death, death was his business, and in order to please his God, business must remain good.


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