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"What more do you know of the transport of the spell component?" asks Arthrik.

"How is it guarded?"

"where is it traveling from?"

"Our first priority should be to acquire as much information as possible."

"Oh not all of us think we need to go this alone..." Sinestra says with her wicked smile as she leaned back slightly in her chair. In the space of a moment her body appeared to slowly change from flesh to a black miasmic mist which faded from sight, and in the next instant the miasma reformed behind the armored nobleman as her bare feet and body stepped up beside him, a hand running over and down the front of his armored shoulder in a 'familiar' manner a lover might do to greet her companion. Standing at his side however she looks to the assembled mass of humanity before speaking again.

"Now I can't speak for any of you... but I know if I had shown up here and our gracious host told us what he wanted us to do, how he wanted us to do it, and why we wanted to do it... I would have told him to go shove that staff of his up his pelvic bone..." she gives a smile down to the seated Vladrick and gently patted his plated shoulder where her hand had come to rest.

"However... I must agree with my kindred warrior... we're going to need to cooperate and work as a team, regardless of whether we enjoy one another's company. We'll form our own plan with our dear patron's information, enact it and reap the rewards ourselves. I for one don't need someone's hand guiding my actions." said the strangely diplomatic woman clad in nothing but her own skin and a few magically sustained flames.

Vladrick seemed to have little to no reaction to the approach and closeness of the scantily clad female. He remembered similar tormentors in his life, using their sexuality to bring unbalance to a balanced mind. Though he could not refute her estimations were sound. He listened to the questions from the others, but aside from his cheeks reddening slightly from the physical contact of the woman, his eyes never left the form of their host. He awaited answers...Something had to be said, indeed they were all individual minds, but he was not fond of going wildly with blades drawn- so to speak- into a kingdom that he knew nothing about. He was destined to die soon, but as made evidence by his, all be it minor, reaction to the temptress' closeness, he was not dead yet. Still he was comforted by the fact that his hand had come to rest near the hilt of his sword. An instinct which he was glad to see unaffected by visual distractions.

"From what information i have gathered there is three legions guarding it led by one of her followers a druid of the bear by the name of Agronak as for the how it is traveling they will most likely stop off at Smokeforge a dwaven fortress city before they head over open field for four months to Wethras stopping at towns when needed, before that however i don't know. For the component it is believed that it is liquid and is extremely toxic even to undead its said to target your prime essence so the transport would have heavy plates possible mixture of several materials." Torak pauses for a moment, "your base is about half way in between the two checkpoints but it will most likely need some upgrading."

Vladrick's eyes scanned over the others. "And what are our resources...I myself am just one man with many skills in dealing death to the masses by blade and skill...I bring skills in stealth -some natural, others supernatural- a warrior's spirit and the will of Nerul. Effectively I am simply an instrument of Death, and devotee to the God of slaughter...What else do we have at our disposal?"

Erythnul is the God of Slaughter you twit. Bile thought as he smiled. "Well, I am a direct like of dark clerical power for my God's ambitions. I am an expert at sabotage, I enjoy long walks on the beach, spreading plagues, and sacrificing children while they weep. As for a structure, I'm a cleric. I can dig us dungeons and build walls at the same time by moving the earth itself. I just need an architect to figure out how to keep the walls from collapsing."

"The base I have given you is a basic design able to house you all and you companions in reasonable comfort then it has a barracks able to house around 200 orcs or other same size creatures as well, a stable that can hold 50 large beasts, a farm able to provide for the orcs and beasts when you get them, a store room decent size about 70ft by 70ft, also a work shop and a training room. All of these rooms are stocked with basic equipment. there is a standing Garrison of 40 orc fighters and a leader for every ten fighters." when he finishes speaking he slides a scroll down the table with the floor plan on it and the scale is 1sq=20ft

Vladrick locked his eyes on Bile as he spoke, he stopped listening after his lapse into sarcasm and wondered how much he would enjoy slitting his throat and watching him bleed to death. How long would this man take to bleed out? he wondered, and at that perhaps the second glimmer of a smile crossed his lips and he relaxed his hold on the hilt of his blade. "I simply ask to know our option Bile..." placing emphasis on the name as if spitting it out from his mouth, but at the same time clouding the taunt with an impish green, passing it for playful banter. "The truth is, I know nothing about any of you...Never heard a whisper of a name, a song of event, a tale of woe told by rumor or myth...As I am sure you have also yet to hear the same of me...I find it prudent to place importance in knowing who I am working with, and what they are working with..." His hand, clad in black bladed gauntlets, began to trace a circle into the table in front of him, never taking his piercing gaze from the cleric, even while ending in several moments of complete silence.

"A tale? A story perhaps..." says the wicked looking woman, her hand slowly slipping from Vladrick's shoulder as her body dispersed into shadowed black smoke, before quickly reappearing and solidifying once more back by her original chair. While certainly intriguing visually, the woman wasn't making a single motion or gesture to accomplish the feat, hinting at something more sinister than just magical ability.

"Many years ago I fought against the forces of 'evil' and 'darkness'... not on this world but another much like it. I followed the Light and was blinded by it. Unable to see what was before or behind me I traveled and killed without thought as to me, then, I knew what I was doing was 'right' and 'good'..." she said with dramatic motions of her hands, quoting words of note with motioned accents, clearly intoning her true meaning.

"It was by my light-blind ways I stumbled upon the truth of it all... and in the shadow of my new life I could finally see. See the world for what it truely was. However embraced in my newfound power and amidst my ascension the multiverse saw fit to imprison me, to hide me away from my rightful rule as the Empress of Darkness. But in my prison I grew... I found companions... and there I waged all manner of war against the mysterious powers that had imprisoned me in this Realm of Dread." she makes a dismissing motion with her hand, as if brushing away the notion of being locked away.

"I ruled an every expanding kingdom of shadowed sight, crushing beneath my greaves the legendary figures of this prison's age. Vampire lords and alchemical abominations fell to my blade and armies, with each kingdom I came to begging for me to put an end to their chaotic existence. And so did my kingdom expand... but a kingdom within a prison if still not but a prison."

"Together with my most trusted companion I saught the greatest minds of the many lands trapped in this Realm of Dread. If they would not part with their studies by will or by trade I simply took it from them by force of arms, and extracted the knowledge from their souls within my treasured Blade of Ascension. When finally I had gone to all who could be found, I enacted a great ritual, and sundered the wall of my planar prison long enough to escape with not but my dearest Sadoul by my side..." she says with what might have been sorrow in her voice, if her grin didn't betray the very emotion her speech was possibily attempting to convey.

"However the ritual was not without it's costs. While I may have been infused with the very essence of that planar realm, so does it's natural envelop everything that I am. The mists... sealing and binding they are, have locked away my power, my divine rightly obtained power... and deposited me, the ritual did, here in your world. A world without my kingdom, my absolute power, nor my army that I might well lead."

"But that did not stop me from beginning once again. I still possess my armor, my blade, and my beloved champion. I still possess my powers of darkness, my resiliency of form and my strength. I can still steal away the souls of those I slay and use them as power... and so I began once more in your world... it was amidst a burning village that our patron's herald found me. I was about to slay him but he was the only one not fleeing at the time, so I listened."

With a shrug she leans against the chair slightly, looking between each person in the room. "I am a ruler, a leader of nations, and a Goddess locked in the mortal coil. I fight from the front of my army and make an example of foreign powers who delight in their decadence. This world has fallen to the chaotic whims of the forces of 'good'... and if seeing this chaos crushed will return to me my power, then I will pull the beating heart from every standing in our way."

"That... is who I am. I carry no secrets and I prefer to discard any notion of subtlety amongst associates. If you question me I shall answer. If you doubt me, I will happily prove it to you. If you do not trust me... well then I will simply how to show that to you as well."

"Wow, I must say I'm impressed. It's been a while since I've met someone who can disappear and reappear without any kind of spell. There is another thing you should probably know about me. I'm a free agent so to speak. I only want to follow the strongest and I have yet to meet the strongest. I have a feeling that someone in this room is just the person I'm looking for, or at least knows such a person. The question is...Who?..and For what reasons should I pick them? says Crystal. She seemed genuinely impressed by Sinestra's little act. Seems that Crystal wasn't the only person showing off at the table. Crystal wondered if Sinestra had any more tricks up her sleeve or if she was just a 1 trick pony, and actually started paying more attention to the goings on to figure out if this was the case or not.


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